The Advantages of DX Plastic

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Rethink DX

DX discs are worth bagging for all skill levels. They are affordable, grippy, and easy to break into your desired level of wear. They come in the widest selection of models and weights of all plastics on the market. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already on tour, consider the advantages of DX when picking out your next disc.

DX is a great way to start disc golf. It comes in lighter weights that are easier to throw. You won’t break the bank trying out new molds you are interested in. F2s at the factory store are sometimes available and are even less expensive.
-Dave Dunipace, Innova Co-Founder and President

Comfortable in the Hand

DX discs are stiff with a chalky, grippy handfeel. Most Innova athletes choose DX for their putters where exactness of feel is a must. They offer a clean release and don’t stick to or slip from your hand. 

DX makes a great option for rounds in the rain. DX discs maintain their grip when wet compared to other plastics. In addition, throwing seasoned, flippier DX discs will allow you to slow your runup and still get big distance.  

Wide Selection in Light Weights

More Innova molds are available in DX than any other plastic. On top of that, we make DX discs in the full range of available weights. Lightweight discs are easier to throw and go farther for many players. With their low price, lightweight DX discs make getting started in disc golf easy. 


The accessible price point of DX allows you to try more new molds without breaking the bank. When first starting out, this will help you build a bag of discs that matches your arm speed. As you improve, DX plastic allows you to affordably experiment with different molds to fill gaps in your bag.

If you find a mold you love, buy a stack in DX to practice with in the field. DX discs mainly thrown in an open field will hold their original flight characteristics for years. 

Disc Cycling  

The lesser durability of DX is an asset more than a drawback. DX plastic wears quickly at first, but the change in flight characteristics slows down after the initial seasoning. That trait makes DX ideal for players who like throwing worn-in discs. You know that Champion Destroyer that took years and 1,000+ trees to finally make hyzer flip? DX discs can season into that same flight in just a couple months.

Many top pros carry five or more of the same mold in their bag at a time. Each disc has a different level of wear with slightly different flight characteristics – one is reserved for stiff headwinds and another is used for touchy turnovers. Philo Brathwaite, for example, is known to carry many DX Rocs in his bag from overstable to flippy. With time, your overstable disc wears and becomes your neutral disc. This process is called disc cycling. Some very worn Rocs last over 20 years and can have almost magical flight characteristics. 

DX plastic allows you to cycle discs like this more quickly to create a range of available shot shapes using the same mold.

40 Years of DX 

In 1983, Innova molded the first modern golf discs from DX. 40 years later, it is still our widest produced and best selling plastic. Classics like the DX Aviar and DX Roc have been staples across Innova bags for decades. Recent releases like the DX Xero and DX Alien are on their way to becoming new classics. Next time you head to the Innova Pro Shop or your local retailer, consider the advantages of DX.