Disc Golf 101: Parts of the Disc

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infographic parts of a golf disc

Parts of a Golf Disc

Do you know how to describe different parts of a golf disc? Knowing disc golf terminology prevents confusion and builds your knowledge of the game. These are the basic parts of a golf disc:

  • Flight plate: the area inside the shoulder perimeter — the disc center — that forms the shape of the disc (minus the rim)
  • Shoulder: the connection between the rim and flight plate sometimes with extra plastic, sometimes not
  • Upper rim profile: the shape of the upper rim between the nose and flight plate
  • Lower rim profile: the shape of the lower outer rim
  • Rim bottom: where the disc sits on the surface flat
  • Rim wall: the mostly vertical surface of the inside rim
  • Flight plate bottom: it’s the same area as the upper flight plate only underneath the disc

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