2022 Innova Holiday Gift Guide

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2022 Innova Gift Guide

The Essential Disc Golf Gifts of 2022

Your loved one walks down the stairs, yawning. From the mound of gifts sitting in the living room, one small, circular item wrapped in a bow catches their eye. The yawn turns to a radiant, ear-to-ear grin. You agreed to not open any presents until after breakfast, but no one said anything about feeling them through the packaging. They squeeze and rotate the gift in their hands, trying to feel the shape of the rim. They hold it up to the light, hoping to glimpse the disc’s name through the wrapping paper. Only five minutes into your holiday morning, and you can already tell that you nailed it this year. 


Nothing beats a new disc as a gift for the disc golfer in your life this holiday season (other than maybe a few new discs!) Whether it’s a model they know and love, or one they’ve never tried before, no one can help but smile at the sight and feel of new plastic. 


The Xero 

When it comes to getting the disc from your hand to the target on a straight line, the Xero has your back. Even at low speeds, it has virtually no fade. For brand new players and those who have been at it for decades, the Xero will find the chains. 


The Jay 

Simple as it sounds, a straight shot can be one of the most challenging shapes to pull off on the disc golf course. With the Innova Jay, aim at your target, release flat, and watch the disc fly perfectly on your intended line. The Innova Jay is a gift that just about every disc golfer needs in their bag.


The Hawkeye 

“This is a disc for staying on the fairway,” says Innova co-founder and disc developer, Dave Dunipace. At faster speeds, it flies straight with exceptional glide. For players with less power, it has a consistent, mellow fade. The Hawkeye makes a great gift for all skill levels. 


The IT 

The Innova IT provides the easiest, straightest distance of any Fairway Driver in our lineup. Take some power off, hit the gap, and watch IT glide right to the pin. Gift an Innova IT to a newer player, and IT will quickly become the most cherished disc in their bag.


The Toro

The Toro is extremely reliable for upshots. Its overstability gives the disc a predictable finish, but its slow speed allows it to check up nicely on greens where a faster disc might skip away. This disc will be best as a gift for experienced disc golfers with big power. 


INNvision Discs 

Innova’s new line of InnVision discs have the highest definition, full-color art we have ever achieved without compromising the disc feel. The InnVision Star Firebird, InnVision Star Wraith, and InnVision Star Destroyer have vivid, detailed designs that will make them the most striking plastic your loved one has ever received. With UV-protected ink, the image will remain vibrant throw after throw. These beautiful discs are best for disc golfers with at least one year of experience. 


Disc Golf Bags

Looking to buy a gift for the disc golfer in your life, but not sure what kind of discs they would like? A new disc golf bag could be just the thing you’re looking for. With multiple styles, at a range of price points, built for all skill levels, a new bag is a gift you can be confident will be used and loved for years to come. 


Starter Bag

The Starter Bag is best for new players, youth players, and players who carry only a few discs. It is one of the least expensive disc golf bags on the market. Pair it with an Innova Starter Disc Set and you’ve got an amazing gift for anyone that you know will love the sport of disc golf, but hasn’t gotten started yet.

MSRP: $14.99

Discover Pack

The Discover Pack makes for a perfect starter backpack for new players and is great for disc golfers who just need the essentials. The main compartment is roomy enough for 15 discs. 

MSRP: $19.99

Adventure Pack

Our Adventure Pack is lightweight and minimalist, while providing everything need to have a great course experience. Perfect for casual disc golfers and pro disc golfers having a casual day alike, this bag holds up to 25 discs along with your wallet, phone, towel, drinks, snacks, and more.

MSRP: $39.99

Safari Pack

The Safari Pack is our largest, full-feature bag yet. A top choice of touring pros, this bag will keep you comfortable, organized, and prepared on the course. With room for over 25 discs, ample side-pocket storage, a durable rubber base, and rainfly, the Safari Pack is the premier bag on the market. Santa has been getting a whole lot of letters from disc golfers hoping for a new Safari Pack this year! 

MSRP: $99.99


Disc Golf Targets

Want to be an absolute hero this holiday season? A new DISCatcher target is the dream gift all disc golfers are wishing for


DISCatcher Traveler

The DISCatcher® Traveler Target is ready to accompany you on all your Disc Golf expeditions. It is our lightest, most portable disc golf target at just 15 pounds. The Traveler sets up and breaks down with ease.

MSRP: $175

DISCatcher EZ

Putting isn’t easy. But, finding a great portable target just became, well, EZ! The Discatcher® EZ portable target assembles in minutes, is PDGA-approved, and is built to last. 

MSRP: $179

DISCatcher Pro

The DISCatcher Pro is the best-catching, most-beloved disc golf basket on the market. Installed on more disc golf courses worldwide than any other brand, the DISCatcher Pro comes in a portable configuration that makes for one of the greatest presents a disc golfer could hope to receive. 

MSRP: $525



Innova Apparel 

If you know nothing about disc golf other than that your friend, spouse, child, niece or nephew is completely obsessed, all this talk of discs, bags, and targets might sound like we’re speaking another language. Try a Jersey or Sweatshirt as a gift instead. Phew! Finally something you’ve heard of.


Innova Burst Tri-Blend Jersey

Designed for performance and appearance, our Burst Jerseys feature moisture-wicking, tri-blend fabric that is as comfortable as it is stylish. 

MSRP: $29.99 – $33.99

Innova Burst Pullover Hoodie

Innova’s new Burst Pullover Hoodies are here just in time to keep cozy during this Winter’s disc golf rounds! Made from Air jet yarn, they are super comfortable, lightweight, warm, and easy to maneuver in.

MSRP: $49.99 – $53.99


Stocking Stuffers  

Sometimes the smallest gifts are the biggest hits. These stocking stuffers might just end up being the best gift you give this holiday season.  

INNsulated Canteen 


Drinking plenty of water is essential to a healthy, enjoyable round of disc golf. Our INNsulated Canteens are a great way to stay hydrated on and off the course.

MSRP: $19.99

INNsulated Mug 

Nothing beats a hot, mid-round drink to warm yourself up while playing disc golf in the winter. Our INNsulated mugs will keep drinks hot from the first sip on hole one’s tee pad through the final birdie putt on 18’s green. 

MSRP: $20

Super Hand Warmers

Innova’s Super Hand Warmers are a hot gift item for disc golfers known to play through the winter. Save on waste by not using disposable handwarmers, and get the added benefits of adjustable temperature and long battery life. The Super Handwarmer even doubles as a power-bank for recharging phones. 

MSRP: $39.99