Disc Golf Thriving in Spain – Jeremy Koling Wins 2023 Oviedo Open

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An Emerging Disc Golf Community

As much as disc golf has boomed in the US over the past few years, the international growth of the sport has been even greater. One of the most enthusiastic burgeoning disc golf scenes in the world is developing in Spain. According to the 2023 UDisc Growth report, Spain has seen an 83% increase in rounds scored on UDisc this past year. Those rising numbers are in large part due to the work of Innova Ambassador Carlos Rio, and the team at Parque Purificación Tomás, the country’s first permanent disc golf course.

The 2023 Oviedo Open

The 2023 Oviedo Open presented by Innova was held last weekend at Parque Purificación Tomás in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain. The event drew in an international field to compete on Spain’s premier course, featuring breathtaking views of the city, significant elevation change, and a wide variety of shot shapes to make for a rounded test of skills. Team Innova’s Jeremy Koling won the event in MPO. He shot a blistering, course-record-setting, -15 in the first round, wowing a crowd of Spanish fans who have likely never witnessed such a high level of play. 

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Big Jerm has turned into quite the global disc golf ambassador, winning the Japan Open earlier this year as well. For both tournaments, he talks so much more about the experiences surrounding the event compared to the wins themselves. When top pros like Jeremy visit up-and-coming disc golf scenes, it gets the local community fired up. They see their hard-work payoff as respected athletes play, compliment, and offer advice for their courses. They feel welcomed into the disc golf family watching familiar faces from coverage walking around their property. And they can see shots that raise the bar they set for themselves in terms of what it means to be an excellent player. 

Unity Through Disc Golf 

Disc golf is an accessible, low-cost sport that can fit into almost any topography. The wonder of watching a disc fly through the air is universal. In just half a century, disc golf has already found its way into over 80 countries across the world. By sponsoring events like the Oviedo Open, Innova aims to foster the international growth of our sport. As big as disc golf can sometimes feel, the truth is, we still have a huge amount of room to expand. 

Our mission is unity through disc golf – to make the best products possible so that more people are drawn to our sport, and disc golf can spread throughout the world.
-Innova Co-founder and Disc Designer, Dave Dunipace

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