Jeremy Koling

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Star Destroyer

The GOAT. Used equally for forehands and backhands and occasional rollers. Crucial disc for controlled distance drives. I carry several Destroyers ranging in different levels of stability.

Halo Star Charger

Also incredibly fast however slightly less overstable than the Boss. Used for maximum carry distance drives.

Champion Firebird

The thing I love most about the Firebird is the confidence I have that the disc will simply do it's job. As far as overstable hybrid speed drivers go, the Firebird is perfect in every way. Forehands, backhands, cut rollers, thumbers, it can do it all.

Champion Roadrunner

Very similar in a lot of ways to the sidewinder, however I find the Roadrunner to give me a touch more distance on my rollers.

Champion Sidewinder

It's always amazing when you can teach an old dog new tricks. This is true for me and the Sidewinder. I've always loved the Sidewinder for it's long distance rollers but lately this driver has become my favorite disc for carving up lines in the woods. Incredible disc for any skill or experience level.

Halo Thunderbird

With the control of a fairway driver and the speed of a distance driver, the thunderbird is the most versatile disc in my bag.

Star Thunderbird

With the control of a fairway driver and the speed of a distance driver, the thunderbird is the most versatile disc in my bag.

Halo Boss

FAST and overstable. Fights headwinds and delivers a predicable hyzer finish every time. My primary driver on tour.



Champion Eagle

This is the disc I go to when I need controlled shots between 300 - 375 ft. One flippy, one brand new and I'm set to take on any wooded course.



Star Roc

Over stable at first and ages like fine wine. Tried and true. The perfect midrange does exist.

Halo Mako3

The straightest midrange disc out of the box you'll ever throw. Used mostly for flip up to straight shots and turnover backhands.

Star Roc

The one that started it all! The Roc was the first midrange disc I ever threw and it predicated the way that I approach approaches. Flat and slightly overstable, the Roc gives me stability in an unstable world.

Star Gator

Even flatter and more overstable than the Roc, the Gator has become my go to mid in the wind.



Star AviarX3

Easy choice for my one disc rounds. Simply put, if I have less than 280 ft to the pin, my Aviar X3 will be the disc that gets me there. The range of what the disc is capable of astounds me. Flick rollers, skip shots, overheads, anything you can think of this is the disc for your short game. Thank me later.

Halo Aero

the release of Halo Aero has made me question whether or not disc technology has improved in the past 40 years. The disc is the perfect definition of true stability. It'll hold hyzer, flat or anhyzer all the way to the ground, every time.



Division: Open

PDGA#: 33705

Rating: 1025

Career Wins: 75

Career Earnings: $229,047.74

Height: 6'6"

Wingspan: 80"

Dominant Hand: Right

Number of Aces: 60-70

Longest Measured Throw: 236m (774 ft)

Year Born: 1985

Hometown: Charlotte, NC


2018 Waco Annual Charity, 2016 USDGC Champion, 2016 Utah Open Champion, 2016 and 2015 World's Mixed Doubles Champion (Paige Pierce), 2014 Maple Hill Open Champion, 2012 Worlds & USDGC Distance Champion, 2010 Big Dog Spirit Award Winner, 2009 Pro Rookie of the Year, 2008 Amateur World Champion


Memorable Win:

2016 USDGC - a dream come true.


When developing your forehand work from understable up to overstable, not the other way around. The knowledge and touch gained from understanding how an understable disc flies can be attributed to other stabilities. It's far more difficult to start with overstable and work backwards.


Short terms goals - be the best sportsman I can be and enjoy each and every day. Long term goals - Win a world title!



No offense to Paul McBeth but the more I throw this disc the less I am impressed with the ridiculous shots he has thrown with the Nova. It is without a doubt THE straightest flying putter I have ever thrown.


The Thunderbird is a disc that flies with the control of a fairway driver but has the long range capacity of a distance driver. Equally useful for backhand and forehand shots alike. Will definitely be a staple in my bag for years to come.


(X mold) Warning: These are very overstable brand new. I got mine from Brian Schweberger who beat this thing in for years. Now it flies straight when thrown flat and hard and has a very predictable sharp finish at the end of it's flight. Very useful for straight headwind approaches. Flies like an overstable midrange.