Jeremy Koling

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Star Destroyer

My go to distance driver for most situations. More control than the Boss, a bit faster than the Wraith. I usually bag at least 4 Destroyers at different levels of wear.

Star Wraith

My go to woods distance driver. Long and straight with predictable fade.

Champion Firebird

Best over stable fairway driver ever made. Perfect for hyzers, forehand rollers, thumbers, and most importantly - fighting the wind.

Champion Roadrunner

Rollers and long turnovers. Great for forehand and backhand. Excellent hand feel.

Star Thunderbird

Based on its incredibly straight flight profile, it almost feels wrong categorizing the Thunderbird as a distance driver. That being said the disc rips distance like a Destroyer yet flies straight like a fairway driver. It's one of the most versatile drivers ever made.

Halo Boss

The best pure distance driver ever made. Perfect combination of speed, over stability and glide. Great in the wind and excels in open fairways.

Star Sidewinder

Very similar to the Roadrunner. Another incredibly reliable roller disc.



Champion Leopard3

In the bag for lower power drives that need to hold a long, straight line. Great for late turnovers.

Champion Eagle

Even though this disc has been around for decades, it still remains incredibly relevant. When it comes to stable fairway drivers some people go for the Teebird, others go for the Eagle. I choose the Eagle for the flatter flight plate which feels better in my hand. So dependable for stable, mini-flex lines. I usually carry two in my bag, one newish and one super beat for late turns.



Halo Mako3

Flatter and more over stable than the Roc, used mostly for forehands approaches.

Star Roc

Over stable at first and ages like fine wine. Tried and true. The perfect midrange does exist.

Star Jay

Probably my favorite new disc to come out in years! Innova has added a torque resistant, straight flyer to its midrange lineup. Excellent for forehands and backhands alike.



Division: Open

PDGA#: 33705

Rating: 1025

Career Wins: 75

Career Earnings: $229,047.74

Height: 6'6"

Wingspan: 80"

Dominant Hand: Right

Number of Aces: 60-70

Longest Measured Throw: 236m (774 ft)

Year Born: 1985

Hometown: Charlotte, NC


2018 Waco Annual Charity, 2016 USDGC Champion, 2016 Utah Open Champion, 2016 and 2015 World's Mixed Doubles Champion (Paige Pierce), 2014 Maple Hill Open Champion, 2012 Worlds & USDGC Distance Champion, 2010 Big Dog Spirit Award Winner, 2009 Pro Rookie of the Year, 2008 Amateur World Champion


Memorable Win:

2016 USDGC. One of the first dreams I had in disc golf was to someday be called US champion. Every year, the USDGC is held on my birthday week, less 30 minutes from my birth place. Winning this one was incredibly special. Winning a major championship makes all the years of hard work and dedication pay off.


Get a nice bag and a push cart to tote it around. Save your back, your older self will thank you!


Short term goals - Enjoy the road life with my wife and our dogs. Beat the young guns every once in a while to show them who daddy is. Long term goals - Continue building a strong foundation for my life following my touring days. I only want to work jobs relating to disc golf.



No offense to Paul McBeth but the more I throw this disc the less I am impressed with the ridiculous shots he has thrown with the Nova. It is without a doubt THE straightest flying putter I have ever thrown.


The Thunderbird is a disc that flies with the control of a fairway driver but has the long range capacity of a distance driver. Equally useful for backhand and forehand shots alike. Will definitely be a staple in my bag for years to come.


(X mold) Warning: These are very overstable brand new. I got mine from Brian Schweberger who beat this thing in for years. Now it flies straight when thrown flat and hard and has a very predictable sharp finish at the end of it's flight. Very useful for straight headwind approaches. Flies like an overstable midrange.