Latin America’s Highest-Rated Disc Golfer Joins Team Innova

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A Young and Enthusiastic Disc Golf Scene Emerges in Belize

Team Innova is gladly making a new addition to our 2023 roster. Randy Dueck, Latin America’s highest-rated disc golfer, will be touring in the United States this season with the Innova Team Wings on his back. 

Randy is 2x Belize National Champion, 3x Brooklyn Farms Open Champion (Belize’s longest running event), and 3x Battle for Cayo Champion (Central America’s largest disc golf event). He took down the 21st Annual Southwest Florida Open last year, his biggest win to date in the States. And Randy finished 18th place at the Tallahassee Open DGPT Silver Series in 2022, beating many big-name touring pros. 

Disc golf in Belize is young and growing. They currently have 9 courses open for play, with new courses set to open this year. The first PDGA event held in the country was in 2020. Randy Dueck won that first event and has won every event in Belize that he has attended since. Randy is the highest rated player, not only in Belize, but in all of Latin America.


I want to be one of the top players and I will do everything I can to get there.
-Randy Dueck


His polished form and course management skills make Randy look like a seasoned veteran, but surprisingly, Randy has only been playing for about three years. Innova sees the value in players who are on a strong trajectory of consistent improvement. In his three years of playing, Randy has gone from a complete beginner to nearly 1000-rated. That is a pace of improvement that Innova can’t ignore. 

Expanding Disc Golf in Latin America 

Randy Dueck makes a valuable addition to the Team, not just because we foresee strong finishes in his future on tour, but also because of his commitment to growing disc golf in a developing region. 


I want to see everyone in Belize play disc golf… It helped me tremendously. It made my life a whole lot better. Going out into nature, it’s good exercise, it’s cheap. It’s good for your mental. I think it is something that Belize really needs.
-Randy Dueck


As the highest-rated player in Latin America, Randy is an example to young disc golfers in countries across Central and South America who aspire to one day compete at the top level. The disc golf boom in the US over the past five years has been unprecedented; that same growth is happening in countries across the world. Randy Dueck is linking a burgeoning new disc golf scene to the highest-level of competition and the best players in the world. With the help of Randy’s example, we hope to see a proliferation of touring pros in the next few years from a wider range of countries and backgrounds. 


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