Schwebby Makes PDGA History – Celebrating 400 Pro Wins

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The Winningest Player in Pro Disc Golf History

Brian “Schwebby” Schweberger has made professional disc golf history, becoming the first athlete to reach 400 PDGA Pro wins! 

For most top players, there is a moment or season that defines their career – a lights-out round, a big win, or a dominant year or two. To understand the scope of Schwebby’s achievement in the sport, you need to look at over two decades of consistent excellence. Brian has been playing a tournament almost every weekend for 25 years. In that time, he won nearly half and podiumed at 75% of the events he entered. 

No one shot or moment stands out. It’s been a great collection of consistently quality shots over my career. I’ve gotten to where I’m at by staying consistent.
-Brian Schweberger

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Two Decades at the Top

Brian’s first PDGA event was in 1998 and his first Pro win came in 1999. By 2002, he was already playing a tournament almost every weekend. In 2006, he had his first breakout season, winning 14 MPO events including multiple A-tiers. Schwebby has had ten or more Pro wins in every season since. Amazingly, after 25 years at the top of the sport, he had his winningest season ever in 2023. He took home a staggering 41 Pro titles. 

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Schwebby’s most significant 1st place finish came at the 2013 Tim Selinske US Masters Championship in his home state of North Carolina. He beat out legends of the game Ken Climo, Barry Schultz, and Jay Reading to earn his only Major title. 

That said, when asked his most proud achievement in the sport, Brian unequivocally answered, the 2002 Bob West Sportsmanship Award. The award is given out annually to “a PDGA member who exemplifies sportsmanship on the disc golf course and during competition, observes the rules of play, and wins or loses with grace.” Candidates are nominated by PDGA members and voted on by elite pros, tournament directors, and PDGA staff. To win is to be acknowledged as a role model by your fellow competitors. 

I’ve played sports my entire life and being competitive and knowing that my peers think that much of me means a lot more than any win.
-Brian Schweberger

Proudly Wearing the Innova Wings

Schwebby is the king of North Carolina disc golf, with over half his wins coming in his home state. He is a woods technician, known for accuracy and one of the best thumbers in the sport. 

Brian has been on Team Innova since 2002. He used KC Aviars, DX Sharks, Star Leopards, and Star Firebirds to get it done back then and still uses them today. His dedication and commitment to Innova is second to none. 

My right hand has never thrown another disc other than Innova since I’ve been sponsored. If I’m throwing someone else’s disc back to them I use my left hand.
-Brian Schweberger

More Wins to Come

When Schwebby crossed the 300 win milestone, the PDGA asked how many wins he thought he could eventually reach. He answered “Over 400, I hope. I plan on playing until my arm falls off.” Less than three years later, Brian became the first player in history to reach 400 PDGA Pro wins and he shows no signs of slowing. He already has 10 Pro wins in 2024, keeping pace with last year’s record-breaking season. 

Schwebby told us he plans to keep playing “Until my body will no longer allow me to do it.” He added, “And I feel good, man.” 

He will compete in as many events in 2024 as he did last year. That means 500 wins in Brian’s career is a very real possibility. But he isn’t out there trying to break records. Schwebby is in it for a love of disc golf. Focusing on that love of the game instead of the pursuit of more wins is the recipe that brought him so much success. 

Eventually the wins will come but if you can’t keep it fun while you’re in the heat of battle competing what’s the point of being out there?
-Brian Schweberger