The Choice of Champions in 2020

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Innova is honored to support athletes and brand ambassadors around the world. Our athletes represent disc golf’s most talented and promising competitors. Their goals are primarily competition-related, ranging from success at the junior levels, up to the full-time touring professional.

Innova Team Levels

Innova Hall of Fame members are the legendary men and women who paved the way for Innova’s success. They each played a significant role in shaping the Innova brand both on the course and in their local communities.

James Conrad, Star Team. Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen

Star and Champion teams feature our highest-rated and most accomplished competitors. Members typically compete in 20+ events each year with emphasis on major championships and the professional tour.

“Innova has had my back since they first sponsored me in 2014. Their continued support has allowed me to pursue my dreams and grow as a disc golfer.” – Calvin Heimburg, Star Team

Ohn Scoggins, Crew Team

Crew Team members are road warriors as well, working relentlessly on their games in pursuit of reaching the elite, competitive ranks.

The Masters team is comprised of disc golf veterans who compete primarily in masters divisions for those 40-years old and above. Our Junior Team is the other end of the age spectrum. Members must be 16 or younger and committed to success in the classroom and on the course.

Our International team is comprised of top athletes from around the world. These team members have proven themselves on and off the course, and maintain a significant, personal commitment to excellence in competitions of all levels.

Our Junior team is comprised of student athletes ages 16 and under. These team members are focused on developing themselves in the classroom, on the disc golf course, and throughout all of the other aspects of their lives.

In addition to our various team members, we support many other Sponsored Athletes who are at various stages of development in their competitive careers, each of whom is dedicated to representing the Innova brand.

See the 2020 Athlete roster below

Innova Ambassadors

Innova Ambassadors are unique in that they have an extraordinary passion for promotion, particularly at the grassroots level. While many Ambassadors are active competitors, there are no performance-based requirements to maintain Ambassador status. Ambassadors are constantly active behind the scenes in areas such as course design and development, event planning, teaching and instruction, and much more.

Disc Golf World Champions

Innova has maintained a winning tradition since Innova Co-founder, Harold Duvall, captured the company’s first World Championship title in 1982. Together with our sponsored athletes, Innova strives to maintain a standard of excellence in competition that is second to none.

Ken Climo, 12-time World Champion



Harold Duvall – 1982 & 1985
Sam Ferrans – 1984
Johnny Sias – 1986
Greg Hosfeld – 1987
Steve Wisecup – 1989
Ken Climo – 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2006
Cam Todd – 2001
Barry Schultz – 2003 & 2004
Dave Feldberg – 2008
Avery Jenkins – 2009
Paul McBeth – 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Gregg Barsby – 2018


Beth Tanner – 1996
Juliana Korver – 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003
Des Reading – 2002, 2005, 2006
Valarie Jenkins – 2007, 2008, 2009, 2016
Sarah Stanhope – 2010

For a list of all World Champions, visit

Ricky Wysocki, Star Team. Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen

Athlete Team 2020

Innova sponsors 167 men and women disc golf athletes from around the globe. Here’s the 2020 team roster:


Alan Beaver
Crazy John Brooks
Ken Climo
Harold Duvall
Dave Dunipace
J. Gary Dropcho
Sam Ferrans
Gregg Hosfeld
Carlton Howard
Juliana Korver
Anni Kreml
Mitch McClellan
Stan McDaniel
Joe Mela
Jim Oates
Des Reading
Jay Reading
Fred Salaz
Barry Schultz
Tim Selinske
Kozo Shimbo
Johnny Sias
Tita Ugalde
Dr. Rick Voakes
Steve Wisecup
Lavone Wolfe


Jennifer Allen
Josh Anthon
Gregg Barsby
Henna Blomroos
James Conrad
Lisa Fajkus
Garrett Gurthie
Calvin Heimburg
Jeremy Koling
Eveliina Salonen
Nate Sexton
Madison Walker
Jessica Weese
Ricky Wysocki


Anthony Barela
Philo Brathwaite
Steve Brinster
Holly Finley
Martin Hendel
Callie McMorran
Valerie Mandujano
Andrew Marwede
Karina Nowels
Alex Russell
Ellen Widboom
Scott Withers


Melodie Bailey
Emily Beach
Logan Bowers
Sarah Cunningham
Christian Dietrich
Mason Ford
Joel Freeman
Thomas Gilbert
Austin Hoop
Christine Jennings
Zackeriath Johnson
Erica Johnson
Alexis Mandujano
Noah Meintsma
Hannah Leatherman
Paul Oman
Kona Panis
James Proctor
Nathan Queen
Joe Rovere
Ohn Scoggins
Chris Shotwell
Sara Sinclar
Bo Tillman
Bradley Williams
Amanda Zaccone


Robert Bainbridge
Jonathan Baldwin
Steve Boylan
Sandy Gast
Kenny Lee
Courtney McCoy
Kevin McCoy
Mike Moser
Eric Rainey
JD Ramirez
Pam Reineke
Brian Schweberger
Don Smith
George Smith
Cam Todd
Kyle Wilkes


Stanislaus Amann (AUT)
Blaer Orn Asgeirsson (ISL)
Sofie Bjorlycke (SWE)
Ryan Budge (AUS)
Linus Carlsson (SWE)
Daniel Davidsson (FIN)
Andri Fannar Torfason (ISL)
Tony Ferro (CHE)
Mikael Hame (FIN)
Andre Johnsen (NOR)
Tetsuya Kikuchi (JPN)
Pasi Koivu (FIN)
Kristian Kuoksa (FIN)
Peter Lunde (NOR)
Mikael Mani Freysson (ISL)
Jon Henry Marthinsen (NOR)
Espen Mokkelgjerd (NOR)
KJ Nybo (DNK)
Christian Plaue (DEU)
Kasper Skovly (NOR)
Katarina Staalesen (NOR)
Jalle Stoor (FIN)
Cassie Sweetten (AUS)
Hemi Te-Awhitu (NZL)
Carl Ulvinen (SWE)
Knut Valen Haland (NOR)


Judah Berman
Pryce Bevins
Finn Etter
Hunter Grayum
Uriyah Kelly
Olivia Scott
Gavin Simpson
Carver Whitford


Kevin Babbit
Jesse Bickley
Andrew Brown
Hope Brown
Lucy Burks
Deann Carey
Haley Childs
Josh Childs
Kevin Couch
Jacob Courtis
Bobby Cowperthwait
Brock Cummings
Aaron DeVries
Will Dobrzykowski
Jeff Fiedler
Devin Frederick
Nolan Grider
Ray Johnson
Matt Kern
Landon Knight
Alex Lambert
Randon Latta
Das Loomis
Mike Loya
Maximus Meyer
Andrew Nava
Maria Oliva
Devan Owens
Chris Pinegar
Derek Sahr
Alex Savage
Kevin Sheehan, Jr.
Deegan Silva
Peter Sontag
Dean Tannock
Eddie Ward
Keith Warren
Cole Wehrheim
David Wiggins