Hall of Fame

Our Hall of Fame team is comprised of men and women who have dedicated much of their lives to disc golf. Their efforts, both on and off the course, have helped propel disc golf to where we are today. Each of our Hall of Fame members has had the honor of being inducted into the Disc Golf Hall of Fame; arguably the greatest affirmation of countless jobs well done.

PDGA #1213
Ken Climo
12x World Champion
PDGA #2734
1987 World Champion
PDGA #2300
Juliana Korver
5x World Champion
PDGA #7879
PDGA #2938
PDGA #2607
PDGA #3351
Des Reading
3X World Champion
PDGA #15864
PDGA #3273
Barry Schultz
2x World Champion
1986 World Champion
Tita Ugalde
PDGA #83
10X World Champion
1989 World Champion
PDGA #580