The Most Popular Social Post in Disc Golf History

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Magic Moments Drive the Growth of Disc Golf

Innova’s mission has always been to share the joy of the flight of the disc and encourage as many people as we can to experience that joy firsthand. One of the best tools we have to put new eyes on the sport is sharing incredible moments on our social media pages. 

Recently, a post of Jen Allen’s two Tour Series Teebird aces within a few tournaments of each other went viral. Very viral. That inspiration clip now has over 32 million views and 1.1 million likes, making it the most engaged post in disc golf history! And it’s still gaining views at an unprecedented rate for disc golf media. To put into perspective just how viral this post went, it would have been super successful for ESPN’s social pages as well.

With numbers like those, there’s no doubt millions of people saw disc golf for the first time watching that clip. Innova and Jen hope that many of those people go try it for themselves now that they’ve seen how magical disc golf can be.