Big Year for Schwebby

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Turning 40 this year was just what Brian Schweberger’s disc golf game needed. A formidable pro since 1998 and a fan favorite, this year the Tarboro, N.C. resident put his game into overdrive as he broke the PDGA record for most sanctioned events played in a year, accumulated the most total pro wins (open and masters) in a year, and won his first major with the Tim Selinske U.S. Masters Championships.

“It has been a long arduous battle. I would challenge anyone to try to beat it as far as an overall accomplishment over the year. I’m just proud to say that I did it,” said Schweberger.

On Dec. 14th at the Spike Hyzer Sunshine Acres – Sun Christmas Fun II event in Knightdale, N.C., Schweberger played in his 60th event of the year, which broke Geoff Bennett’s prior record of 59 that he set in 2008.
“It took a lot of dedication and time. I still don’t know why I waited until I turned 40 to do it,” said Schweberger chuckling.

Though ‘Schwebby’ ended up losing by two strokes at his record-breaking event, he still accumulated 32 wins this year (24 pro open 8 pro master), which according to the PDGA is a record for total pro wins in a year (based on available records). Juliana Korver had back-to-back 31-win seasons in 2000 and 2001, based on records from former PDGA Excective Director Brian Hoeniger.

One of Schwebby’s 2013 wins clearly stands out. He calls the Tim Selinske U.S. Masters Championships in Burlington, N.C., his biggest win ever. With a field that included some of the game’s greatest like Ken Climo and Barry Schultz, Schweberger said it was sweet to beat them all during a major tournament.

Photos courtesy of Kevin Rose.

Schweberger also wanted to thank Chuck Connelly of Spike Hyzer, who ran several tournaments to raise money for the U.S. Masters.

At a late December Spike Hyzer event, Schweberger nearly tied Bradley Williams’ 25 pro open wins record set in 2012, but he lost on the first playoff hole.

Playing so much tournament golf, Schwebby keeps burnout at bay by limiting the number of casual rounds he plays during the year. He only played two this year. Every other round was during an event or course practice leading up to one. He doesn’t just want to go through the motions to set records, he wants to compete.

Schweberger was well aware of the events played record and by May he figured he had a shot at it. Playing every weekend except three, Schwebby ended up with 61 events. “I’ve been keeping track of it every week and it just worked out just right,” said Schweberger, whose previous event high was 40. Last year he played 38 events and won 15. The most he’s won in a year was 16 until now.

Nowadays he’ll travel anywhere within five hours drive from home. He said that touring full time from 2002 through 2004 was quite an adventure – meeting new people, seeing lots of the country – but those days are probably over. Now that he’s married and has three dogs he doesn’t stray too far from Tarboro. However, he imagines he still has a couch to sleep on anywhere in the country after making so many tour stops.

No doubt Schwebby, who also works as a Domino’s deliveryman, would call 2013 a success. Along with his records, he also won the North Carolina Point Series for pro masters and he predicts he should also take the 2013 points title for PDGA pro masters as well – not bad for his first year playing masters events.

Sponsored by Innova since 2002, Schweberger says you can’t always reach all the goals that you set every year, but it’s cool when things come together. By setting medium and high goals every year, it helps him keep his focus.

Next year, look to see Schwebby play in a few more National Tour events and he’ll make an exception to his five-hour travel policy to defend his U.S. Masters title in Tulsa, Okla.