Player Spotlight: Ashley Collins

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Ashley Collins
innovaWho was the first female disc golfer you saw throw that could really bomb it?
Ashley CollinsCatrina Allen!! Girl, whooooo……mind blown and was like dangit she can out drive me! But it was a rewarding and amazing experience playing against her. Seeing how she handles certain situations and never gets flustered. That’s who I would love to model my game after. She’s genuine and doesn’t judge if you’re playing below your level. I would love to play with her again…..I’M COMING FOR YOU GIRL!!! (jk)
innovaYou seem to have tons of positive energy. Do you have a magical power source?
Ashley CollinsIt’s LOVE! Since I met my wife, she has shown me a different version of the world. I haven’t had it all gravy my whole life but now that I have her, WHO NEEDS GRAVY ANYMORE?! I want to make the world a better and beautiful place. And I have been able to do that with disc golf (charity events and fundraisers) and since my wife plays now, disc golf is even better. No one likes a Negative Nancy all the time, heck even when I make bad shots on the course….I laugh. I laugh hysterically. Being positive doesn’t just help you, it helps others and you may not even know that you helped them.
innovaWhat makes you happier than anything else in the world?
Ashley CollinsMy wife and my 3 beautiful furbabies. I can go out with my little family and play disc golf all day long.
innovaIf you could share one message with the world, what would it be? And, if you could share one message with the disc golf community, what would that one be?
Ashley CollinsFor the world: Drop the hate and judgment…. we all have to live here together, why not become one big family, then we can all conquer the hate. For disc golf: This one’s for the ladies: Don’t just look at big names and think I wish I can do that, because you can!! That same woman, like Catrina (Allen) or Elaine (King), they have both been in your shoes. The greats were once beginners too! Never give up, smile, have fun and practice.
innovaWe haven’t met anyone yet who didn’t rate you at least 1050 on the Scale of Human Awesomeness. How about handing out some official Ashley Collins Recognition Awards?
Ashley CollinsHippest Chick on the Block: Jennie Costa – Oldies but goodies! Toughest Competitor: Jessica Hill – Toughest competitor. Says it all right there. Amateur Player Most Likely to Succeed: Kimberly Collins – She works hard and doesn’t quit! Most Fun Player to Have on Your Card: Kelly Tucker – Can’t win if you don’t have fun! Pro (Female) You Most Admire: Sarah Cunningham – Even when pregnant she can whoop your butt. Pro (Male) You Most Admire: Josh Childs – He’s taught me A LOT about the game.

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