Scoggins’ Late Run for 2nd Place at 2024 Waco

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Fireworks at First DGPT+ of 2024

Waco always brings the fireworks and this year was no exception. The FPO and MPO divisions both got off to compelling starts with multiple lead changes throughout the first three rounds. In the MPO, seven players went into the final day within two strokes of the lead. Team Innova had athletes in the mix for the win of both divisions. We proudly ended the tournament with four FPO and three MPO team members in the top ten, including Ohn Scoggins in 2nd place.

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Scoggins’ Late Push for Podium

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Ohn Scoggins continues to impress with her perseverance and ability to find the podium at what feels like every event she enters. Going back to last season, she has finished on the podium at seven of eight of her most recent DGPT tournaments. 

Ohn opened her weekend with the hot round at the Brazos East course, a 1016-rated, -8. That was one of three rounds rated well over 1000 she played for the event. Her struggles in the third round kept her out of contention for the win, but a strong push of 5 birdies in the last six holes secured her a 2nd place finish. 

Ohn is still recovering from an elbow injury from the end of last season. If she is able to take 2nd place even when not in top form, she is well-positioned to win once back at 100%. 

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Innova’s FPO Top Performances 

Eveliina Salonen landed in a tie for 4th place, coming off a huge win at the 2024 Invitational. She looked great off the tee as always, but for the second event in a row, it was Eveliina’s putting that really stood out. Her confidence on the green is the best we’ve seen from her in years and her putting stroke looks clean and smooth. 

Hailey King tied her teammate Eveliina for 4th place. Hailey found herself in C2 putting for birdie on 69% of the holes for the tournament. For much of the final round, it felt like Hailey was the only one with a chance to catch the winner, Kristin Tattar. 

Henna Blomroos finished in a tie for 6th place with an impressive 86% Fairway Hit rate for the tournament. 5x World Champion, Juliana Korver, ended in a tie for 11th and says she is “thrilled with her finish.”

Barsby, Boss of the BEast

Photo by DGPT

Long time Star Team member, Texas resident, and legend of our sport, Gregg Barsby, opened his event with the hot round of the weekend at the Brazos East course. In classic Barsby fashion, he made three birdie putts from outside circle 2 in that round, resulting in a 1072-rated, 12 under par. 

With two of the remaining rounds taking place at one of the longest courses on tour, Lake Waco, Barsby had his work cut out to stay in contention with the young guns on tour. He played solid, smart golf in the open and put up another heater back at the BEast to secure a tie for 7th place. 

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Innova’s Top MPO Performances

Consistency was the name of the game for Joel Freeman last weekend, shooting -8, -8, and -7 in his first three rounds. He had an 86% Fairway Hit rate for the event and landed 72% of his shots in C2 with a putt for birdie. 

Photo by DGPT

Fan-favorite Nate Sexton has never finished outside the top ten at Waco. This year, after the first three rounds, he sat in a tie for 3rd place. Early struggles in the final round kept him out of the conversation for the win, but anyone who said Nate was losing his edge has been swiftly silenced by his top 10 finish last week.  

Rising star Calvin Lonnquist ended his event in a tie for 18th place. He has played four Disc Golf Pro Tour events in his career and has done better at each one than he did at the last. If he keeps up that trajectory, he has a Top 10 finish coming soon! 

Jeremy Koling went into the final round tied for 10th and ultimately finished in 21st. Jerm only missed two C1 putts through all four rounds of play.  

Spreading the Team Wings

Even with superstar Calvin Heimburg taking the event to recover from injury, Innova had players all over the top of the leaderboard. Old school favorites like Ohn, Gregg, and Nate are still tearing it up. Up-and-comers like Calvin Lonnquist are moving quickly in the right direction. Just two events into the season and Team Innova is already spreading our wings.