Welcome Kevin Jones to Team Innova 2024

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Kevin Jones Joins Innova’s Team Champion 

The disc golf world has been buzzing about Kevin Jones after his departure from Prodigy and Innova is excited to announce KJ USA is joining Team Innova—a welcome mid-season addition to Innova’s Team Champion!

I can’t wait for you guys to see me on the course with team wings on my back.
-Kevin Jones

Photo by DGPT

With a passion for disc golf that spans back to church camp as a kid, KJ has been dedicated to the sport for well over a decade. Since he was 13 years old, he has loved Innova discs, specifically the classic molds the Roc, TeeBird, and Firebird

From his unforgettable slip ace at Maple Hill to his victories on the largest stages, including the 2020 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship, Kevin has carved a name for himself in the sport. Switching companies has given Kevin “a new fire” and we can’t wait to see him show that off on the course. 

KJ brings not only a formidable skill set but also an infectious enthusiasm that resonates with fans worldwide. Known for his vibrant personality and energy on the course, Kevin embodies the spirit we want in a team member. Looking towards this next chapter in his career, Kevin’s fans can expect continued and renewed dedication with strong performances to match. Welcome to the Innova family, Kevin Jones!

Kevin Jones Innova Discs In-the-Bag
KC Pro Aviar
Champion Gator
KC Pro Roc
Star TL3
Star TeeBird3
Champion Firebird
Champion Thunderbird
Star Destroyer