Wysocki Returns, Team Innova Grows in 2019

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Every year brings new energy to the Innova team roster and 2019 is one of the most dramatic. This season opens with the return of two-time PDGA World Champion Ricky Wysocki, several multi-year contracts—including 2018 PDGA World Champion Gregg Barsby, a new team captain in Nate Sexton, and support for over 150 athletes globally.

The Return of Ricky Wysocki

The two-time PDGA World Champion returns to Innova—his first sponsor—with a five-year contract. “I am thrilled to return to Innova family, the first company to take a chance on me when I was a young and inexperienced. To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. I look forward to the opportunity to grow Innova’s brand—and mine—for years to come!”

Wysocki returns to Innova with a deal that keeps him on the roster for at least the next five years—Innova’s longest term athlete contract ever. “The 5-year agreement means longevity. The longevity to focus on my game and my long term goals. It also helps set a precedent for long term contracts in the sport, which I feel could help more young players pursue disc golf as a profession.”

Gregg Barsby

More Multi-year Contracts

Several Star Team athletes signed multi-year contracts including Wysocki (5), Sexton (3), Barsby (2), and James Conrad (2).

2018 PDGA World Champion Gregg Barsby enters the season with competitive fire, “I’m stoked for the great discs that Innova has to offer, they have always been the leader when it comes to golf discs! We’re stacked in 2019, I’m looking forward to a great year being on the Star team.”

New (and Returning) Faces

Joining Wysocki in a return to Innova are Noah Meintsma and Devan Owens. New team members include James Proctor, Eric Rainey, Uriyah Kelly, Carver Whitford, Deann Carey, Haley Childs, Josh Childs, Thomas Gilbert, Cole Wehrheim, Katarina Staalesen.

Let’s Talk Promotions

There were a host of athletes promoted from where they began in 2018. Advancements to Star Team include Josh Anthon, Gregg Barsby, Calvin Heimburg, and Madison Walker.

Madison Walker

Madison Walker speaks openly about her growth as a player, “I know 2018 was a good year for me on the disc golf course, but I think anything would have felt good after a year on the sidelines icing my wrist! The promotion gives my mental game a leg up in so many ways. It reduces the mental fog that can come with financial constraints. It takes away some of the pressure of expectation because I know my sponsors really believe in me! In general, I feel like my new Star Team mental space allows me to play so free! Also, getting to join ranks with and stand beside so many of my peers that I admire, like James Conrad, Nate Sexton, Calvin Heimburg! I mean, come on!”

The promotions continue with Team Champion welcoming Anthony Barela, Holly Finley, Martin Hendel, and Ellen Widboom. Crew team will add Jesse Bickley, Christine Jennings, Sara Lamberson, Alexis Mandujano, Valarie Mandujano, Andrew Marwede, Kona Panis (mid-2018), Nathan Queen, and Amanda Zaccone. The Masters will include Robert Bainbridge, Steve Boylan, Kenny Lee, and Kyle Wilkes.

Nate Sexton

Team Captain, Nate Sexton

Nate Sexton will serve as the overall Team Captain in 2019. “Innova has the largest team in disc golf, as captain, I’m looking forward to working with people on every level, from young kids to ambassadors to Ken Climo and Ricky Wysocki to make our team the strongest it has ever been.”

Commitment to Women’s Disc Golf

Innova continues its commitment to growing women’s disc golf through initiatives such as Throw Pink, title sponsorship of the 2019 US Women’s Championship, and support of more than 40 female athletes across all of our team levels.

Jay Reading

Jay Reading Enters Innova Hall of Fame

We were excited to see Jay Reading inducted into the Disc Golf Hall of Fame in 2018. Along with Jay’s outstanding achievement comes an automatic entry into Innova’s highest team honor, our very own Innova Hall of Fame.

This group of individuals represents many of the most influential athletes and promoters the game has ever seen. Congratulations, Jay!

Here’s the Innova roster as of January 9, 2019.

Innova Hall of Fame:

  • Alan Beaver
  • Crazy John Brooks
  • Ken Climo
  • J. Gary Dropcho
  • Dave Dunipace
  • Harold Duvall
  • Sam Ferrans
  • Gregg Hosfeld
  • Carlton Howard
  • Juliana Korver
  • Anni Kreml
  • Jim Oates
  • Stan McDaniel
  • Joe Mela
  • Des Reading
  • Jay Reading
  • Fred Salaz
  • Barry Schultz
  • Tim Selinske
  • Kozo Shimbo
  • Johnny Sias
  • Tita Ugalde
  • Dr. Rick Voakes
  • Steve Wisecup
  • Lavone Wolfe

Star Team:

  • Jennifer Allen
  • Josh Anthon
  • Gregg Barsby
  • Philo Brathwaite
  • James Conrad
  • Lisa Fajkus
  • Calvin Heimburg
  • Jeremy Koling
  • Nate Sexton
  • Madison Walker
  • Jessica Weese
  • Ricky Wysocki

Team Champion:

  • Anthony Barela
  • Steve Brinster
  • Drew Gibson
  • Garrett Gurthie
  • Holly Finley
  • Joel Freeman
  • Martin Hendel
  • Hannah Leatherman
  • Karina Nowels
  • Joe Rovere
  • Ellen Widboom
  • Bradley Williams
  • Scott Withers


  • Melodie Bailey
  • Jesse Bickley
  • James Cole
  • Sarah Cunningham
  • Christian Dietrich
  • Avery Jenkins
  • Christine Jennings
  • Erica Johnson
  • Sara Lamberson
  • Andrew Marwede
  • Izak McDonald
  • Alexis Mandujano
  • Valerie Mandujano
  • Kona Panis
  • James Proctor
  • Noah Meintsma
  • Paul Oman
  • Nathan Queen
  • Chris Shotwell
  • Bo Tillman
  • Nick Wood
  • Amanda Zaccone


  • Robert Bainbridge
  • Steve Boylan
  • Courtney McCoy
  • Mike Moser
  • Kenny Lee
  • Kevin McCoy
  • Eric Rainey
  • JD Ramirez
  • Don Smith
  • George Smith
  • Brian Schweberger
  • Cam Todd
  • Kyle Wilkes

Junior Team:

  • Judah Berman
  • Pryce Bevins
  • Lucy Burks
  • Hope Brown
  • Jacob Courtis
  • Hunter Grayum
  • Uriyah Kelly
  • Gavin Simpson
  • Carver Whitford

Sponsored Athletes:

  • Cooper Arnold
  • Kevin Babbit
  • Emily Beach
  • Chris Becker
  • Carrie Berlogar
  • Andrew Bohme
  • Logan Bowers
  • Andrew Brown
  • Lacey Brugler
  • Collin Carter
  • Haley Childs
  • Josh Childs
  • Kevin Couch
  • Bobby Cowperthwait
  • Aaron DeVries
  • Will Dobrzykowski
  • Jason Dore
  • Nick Duran
  • Kyle Eckmann
  • Jeff Fiedler
  • Logan Fiske
  • Devin Frederick
  • Itzy Galvan
  • Sandy Gast
  • Thomas Gilbert
  • Kailey Hall
  • Stan Hubbard
  • Ray Johnson
  • Matt Kern
  • Landon Knight
  • Alex Lambert
  • Randon Latta
  • Kara Lee
  • Mike Loya
  • Brian McRee
  • Andrew Nava
  • Maria Oliva
  • David O’Meara
  • Devan Owens
  • Glenn Patterson
  • Chris Pinegar
  • Pam Reineke
  • Matti Roush
  • Alex Russell
  • Kevin Sheehan, Jr.
  • Deegan Silva
  • Peter Sontag
  • Dean Tannock
  • Brenden Tetloff
  • Colleen Thompson
  • Danielle Vargas
  • Eddie Ward
  • Keith Warren
  • Cole Wehrheim
  • David Wiggins
  • Kelsey Wilmerding
  • Casey Wright


  • Blaer Orn Asgeirsson (ICE)
  • Sofie Björlycke (SWE)
  • Ryan Budge (AU)
  • Linus Carlsson (SWE)
  • Daniel Davidsson (FIN)
  • Tony Ferro (SWI)
  • William Gummesson (SWE)
  • Mikael Hame (FIN)
  • Andre Johnsen (NOR)
  • Tetsuya Kikuchi (JAPAN)
  • Pasi Koivu (FIN)
  • Kristian Kuoksa (FIN)
  • Hakon Kveseth (NOR)
  • Marco Lehousse (BEL)
  • Peter Lunde (NOR)
  • Espen Mokkelgjerd (NOR)
  • Jon Henry Marthinsen (NOR)
  • KJ Nybo (DEN)
  • Christian Plaue (GER)
  • Eveliina Salonen (FIN)
  • Kasper Skovly (NOR)
  • Katarina Staalesen (NOR)
  • Jalle Stoor (FIN)
  • Cassie Sweetten (AU)
  • Hemi Te-Awhitu (NZ)
  • Carl Ulvinen (SWE)
  • Kristo Vaikmaa (EST)