Alan Busenitz

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Champion Shryke

I really like trying to throw this as far as I can.



Champion Leopard

Seems like a really easy disc to throw and control.



Memorable Win:

My most memorable win is in the MLB. I came in to pitch against the Milwaukee Brewers. After the win I got a beer shower where all my team mates showered me with whatever drink they could find in the fridge.


My biggest advice is to enjoy what you are doing. Not just in sports or a game but in life as well.

Additional Comments:

A little bit about myself, I am a baseball player in the Cincinnati Reds organization. I was drafted by the Angels in 2013. In 2016 I was traded to the Minnesota Twins. In 2017 I made my MLB debut with the Twins. I played there for two years before I left for Japan, where I played for the Rakuten Eagles for four years. 2023 was my first year back in the states where I signed a contract with the Cincinnati Reds and played in the MLB a little bit last year. I am currently in Louisville with their AAA affiliate playing baseball still. My family is always with me, they love to travel and go games and make new friends. I have been married to my wife Michelle for almost 10 years and we have a beautiful five year old daughter names Averie. We actually started playing disc golf in 2008 when the economy took a down turn. My dad's business was slow and money was short. Disc golf was just a really fun family outing that we could all do and it didn't cost too much to do. It became almost a ritual and whenever family would come into town we would all go the course, have a picnic or bring food and play a few rounds.