Barry Schultz

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Barry Schultz




Division: Open/Masters

PDGA#: 6840

Rating: 1029

Career Wins: 242*

Career Earnings: $402,962.70

Dominant Hand: Right

Number of Aces: 300+

Longest Measured Throw: 540+

Hometown: Louisburg, NC


2003, 2004 World Champion, 2001, 2003, 2006 US Champion, 2013 PDGA Hall of Fame Inductee, 2013 Masters World Champion


Memorable Win:

2001 USDGC. I was obsessed with it. To be that excited and anxious to play and do well was amazing. I've never put that much focus and energy into one event. To see it all pay off was great.


Have fun and practice. Don't practice at a course, find a field and explore what you can and can't do. This will give you confidence and more choices when you're in a tough spot. It will also help you know your discs better. Try to play games to keep it fun. Play different courses, tees. Play with different people. The more you see, the more you learn.


Short term: Keep on supporting myself on the road.
Long term: continue to improve on a daily/monthly basis. Keep a good attitude and give myself the best chance to do well and feel good about my game and myself.

Additional Comments:

I've been playing disc golf since 1979-1980. My older brother took me along with him and his buddies and I was hooked!



A very controllable driver, yet it's so fast it makes a great distance disc. I usually carry 2-3 Beasts depending on the course and weather. I tend to use a durable Champion Beast in the woods, and a DX Beast when it is cold/wet or at an open course.


Have you heard the Roc called the best all around disc ever, but it just doesnt work for you? Or those small rim mid range discs don't feel as good in your hands? Try the Roc+. Its modified inside rim has made the Roc a choice for more hand sizes and grips than ever before! Same old roc, new more forgiving rim!