An overmold putt & approach disc that features a firm flight plate and soft grippy rim.


Diameter: 21.3 cm

Rim Width: 1.1 cm

Available Plastics:
  • XT: 165-175g
  • Best Choice for: Technical approaches, Accurate upshots, No skip stops

    Date of Approval: 09/03/13


    Nova Flight Path


    The Nova is a unique putter designed with overmold technology. The flight plate is made from a firm Pro material that's fused to a grippy putter Pro plastic rim. The soft rim absorbs impact and sticks the landing while the firm flight plate allows for powerful throws making the Nova an excellent putter and approach disc.


    Jeremy Koling

    No offense to Paul McBeth but the more I throw this disc the less I am impressed with the ridiculous shots he has thrown with the Nova. It is without a doubt THE straightest flying putter I have ever thrown.

    David Wiggins Jr

    The Nova quite simply is the straightest flying disc I have ever thrown. Out of the box it holds a straight line like nothing else. It glides extremely straight, even at lower speeds.