Chris Shotwell

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Division: MPO

PDGA#: 41918

Rating: 1001

Career Wins: 13

Career Earnings: $28,969.58

Height: 6'

Dominant Hand: Right

Year Born: 1981

Hometown: Sacramento, CA


Memorable Win:

MPO- 2017 End Of The Trail- 1st A-tier win MP40- Back to Back wins at Challenge at Goat Hill 2021 & 2022


- Throw each shot with a specific plan, and then trust your shot. - Power really does come from the ground up. Use your lower body to help generate power, and it will reduce the strain on your arm and let you better focus on angle control. - Do field work with a purpose. Don't just go out and throw full power shots over and over, you should be working on something specific to get the most out of your time. - Pay attention to your body alignment in relation to the shape of the shot you're trying to throw. - If you aren't having fun when you play, you aren't doing it right!


Short Term- eliminate as many unforced errors as possible by working on control and consistency. Need to focus on focusing on the right things before each shot and trusting the tempo of my swing. Long Term- Stay healthy enough to play disc golf in my old age.