2021 European Disc Golf Champion Henna Blomroos Q&A

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On August 14th, the Finnish disc golf star who came in second place in every Open Women event this season broke through on the biggest European stage to capture her first victory of 2021.

Henna Blomroos is a member of the Innova Star Team and is the 2021 European Disc Golf Champion in Open Women division. The European Disc Golf Championship is a top-tier international event with 300+ participants from more than 26 European countries. It was held August 11-14, 2021 in the Konopiště castle park, near Benešov, Czech Republic and hosted by Czech Disc Golf Association representatives and members.

We caught up with Henna for a Q&A after her big win.

How does it feel to win the European DG Championship?

Henna Blomroos

Henna: It feels so great! That was my first win of the year and it came at the right place.

Describe the final round action, how did you feel putting out on the last hole?

Henna Blomroos

Henna: I was so excited to make those long drives and good putts during the back nine. I was so happy and relieved to tap in the last putt.

What has disc golf competition been like for you in 2021?

Henna Blomroos

Henna: It has been less about tournaments and more about practice and improving my game.

Have you had injuries this season?

Henna Blomroos

Henna: I sprained my ankle in the spring and I couldn’t play for a month. After that, I started to train and play slowly again.

What do you like other than disc golf?

Henna Blomroos

Henna: I like to play many sports in my free time for example billiards and badminton. And I like to hang out with my family and friends.

How did you discover disc golf?

Henna Blomroos

Henna: My friend, Valtteri Hellström, started to play disc golf in the spring 2011 and he asked me to join him. I really liked it and started to play this awesome sport frequently.

What courses in Finland would you recommend to visitors?

Henna Blomroos

Henna: I would recommed Tampere Disc Golf Center, Lauste and my new home course Rauma DGP. They are really versatile and challenging courses. There you need to throw long and technical shots.

What’s your favorite Finnish food?

Henna Blomroos

Henna: My favorite food is my fathers made fish soup.

Describe your hometown, what do you love about it?

Henna Blomroos

Henna: Rauma, Finland is my home town. I love to live near to sea and swim there year round. My favourite place in my hometown is our summerplace. It is great place to relax, swim, and be with my family.

What are your favorite courses in Europe and why?

Henna Blomroos

Henna: My favourite courses in Europe are The Beast at Nokia, Konopiste and Järva. They are challenging and really beautiful courses.

Talk about your friend and Innova teammate, Eveliina Salonen

Henna Blomroos

Henna: We are really good friends on and off the course. We always have fun and cheer each other during competition. It is normal for us to compete against each other. We are competitive in other sports too.

What are your three favorite Innova discs?

Henna Blomroos

Henna: Star Destroyer because I love to throw max distance shots and see how beautiful the flight is. Roc3 because it is perfect mid-range to control and I can throw so many different shots with it. Classic Aviar because it is the perfect putter for me.

What are your plans to tour in the United States?

Henna Blomroos

Henna: Next year (2022) I will tour there as much as possible.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Henna Blomroos

Henna: Thank you all the fans!

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