Schusterick Moves Into Second

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Will Schusterick, the 2010 US Disc Golf Champion, moved up into second on the strength of a great round at Pinto Lake. His round was going well until the 9th hole, which he aced! He is now six strokes back from the lead. Derek Billings is still on the lead card (he has been all week!) tied for third with Josh Anthon. Devan Owens and Steve Brinster (C) are in 8th and 9th, while a lot of Innova players are in the top 20.

Dave Feldberg (11th), Paul Ulibarri (12th), David Wiggins Jr. (13th), Kyle Crabtree (14th), Markus Källström (16th), and Ricky Wysocki (17th). Paul Ulibarri shot the hot round of the day, a 77 at Pinto Lakes, which is 11 under par. A field of 72 Open players make the cut for the semis, so one more 18 hole round of Pinto to settle the cashing players, all except the top four who go to the final nine showdown.

Things are heating up again in the Womens division. Valarie Jenkins gained the lead and two strokes on her closest rival, while Sarah Stanhope moved up to the lead card for the first time. Camilla Jernberg sits in 5th place, while sadly, Des Reading had to withdraw from competition. Pinto can make or break anyone, so the semis can really mix things up.

In Masters, Jay “Yet” Reading shot a solid round, eleven under par at CSUMB’s “The Oaks” course in pretty fierce winds. The wind played with putts and forced discs into the out of bounds trees. Any disc that comes to rest above two meters will incur an additional penalty stroke. Even the best were not immune. Phil Arthur shot 10 under par to maintain second place, at one point, he had a share of the lead, but trouble on the tricky hole 27 cost him a few strokes. The finals for Masters will be at De Laveaga.

Carrie Berlogar and Anni Kreml lead their divisions by several handfuls of strokes (26 and 19). They’ve all but locked up a title. Jim Oates continues his dominance in Grandmasters. He shot the hot round at De Laveaga today to increase his lead to 19. Steve Wisecup must have received some “de-las” as he slid down to 5th place in the division. Hopefully his luck will improve tomorrow, again, at De Laveaga. Peter Shive is crusing to yet another World title. It will be hard to beat his impressive string of world titles in the Senior GM and Legends divisions.

Good luck to all the players from around the world who battled against the players, courses and conditions. It’s been a fun and tiring week for players and staff. A special thank you to all the staff who helped make the event more enjoyable!

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