TERN – PDGA Approved

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The Champion Tern has been PDGA Approved.
The Tern is a Speed 12 Distance Driver with a flight similar to the Archon with exceptional glide. As the name suggests, the Tern is an easy to turn driver for skilled recreational players. It makes a long range power roller for bigger arms. Newer players will find this disc a straight flyer with predictable fade. To celebrate, we’re having a giveaway! UPDATE: Winners Posted!

How Can I enter?!

Five lucky fans will win a Limited Edition Holiday Tern! Be one of the first in your area to rip this driver down the fairway! For your chance to win, use the widget below with your favorite social network (or all three) to enter. Entry into the contest ends on 12/10/2012 at 12:01am Pacific Time. This post will be updated with the winners on the morning of 12/10/2012. If you’re not a lucky winner, don’t worry! The Tern will be released early next year, and we’re having more giveaways very soon. Initial testing indicates flight numbers of [12|6|-3|1] [12|6|-4|1] for the Star version and [12|6|-2|2] for the Champion model.


  • Topher C.
  • Jordan F.
  • Will M.
  • Marty H.
  • Jay M.
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