Course Development

Disc Golf Course

Disc Golf Can Fit Into Your Master Plan

Disc golf offers park and facility planners a flexible option to expand recreational sports to their patrons. Disc golf is an excellent option for an off-season activity. The lack of expensive equipment makes disc golf a great fit for rentals and sales on-site.


  • Mountain Resorts

    Mountain resorts have discovered disc golf can attract visitors during the warmer months. Use chair lifts to increase revenue and create a unique disc golf experience.

  • Private Pay-to-play Courses & Campgrounds

    With enough land, you can build disc golf courses limited only by your imagination. Pay-to-play can be successful in areas without disc golf, and in areas with busy courses. Run tournaments, leagues and series to increase player turnout.

  • Golf Courses

    Disc golf can increase revenue from greens fees at traditional golf courses, especially at Par 3 and executive style courses. A strategically designed dual golf/disc golf course can give players the option to play golf or disc golf, together.

  • College Campuses

    Provides access to low cost recreation for all students. Sell discs in the campus bookstore. Solicit help from on-campus organizations to raise funds and help with course installation. Form a collegiate disc golf team, compete in the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships.

  • Summer Camps and Retreats

    Disc golf can exist alongside other activities. Disc golf teaches self control, hand-eye coordination and etiquette. For those who are not interested in team sports, disc golf is a great option.