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Course Equipment: Tees

The Importance of Good Tees

Each disc golf hole begins from a tee. A safe, consistent tee surface will improve the appeal of your course. Tees can be as simple as a pair of painted rocks to designate the teeing area. While some courses have natural tees, the preferred tee is a textured slab of concrete.


Natural Tees

Natural tees are the easiest to install, and cost little. With time, however, natural tees can wear if not maintained. Natural tees work best in dry climates and sandy soils. Areas that receive a lot of rain or have loose soil should consider concrete. Natural tees can allow time to evaluate if a hole design is ideal before permanent tees are installed. Our plastic Innova Tee Markers can be added for $30 per pair.


Tee Mats

Innova now offers rubber tee mats that allow for flexibility of placement, great grip, and reduced maintenance over natural tees. Our rubber tee mats can be sized to order, from 3′ by 5′ up to 5′ by 12′. They are a good option for courses that have multiple tees, tees in extreme locations, and as an upgrade for existing natural tees.


Concrete Tees

Concrete tees with a coarse finish provide an ideal throwing surface. They are virtually maintenance free. Properly installed concrete tees can last for decades. A firm, level, slip-free surface is ideal for long power drives. Concrete tees are the most maintenance free, long lasting tee surfaces. For permanent courses, concrete is the logical choice to provide a consistent maintenance free surface for years to come.

Innova Rubber Tees

Innova now offers customizable rubber tee mats that can be tailored to suit specific needs. Each rubber mat is 3′ by 5′ and features a grippy material with unique honeycomb design that is suitable for many conditions. Our staff can stitch multiple pads together to form larger mats up to 12 feet long. The mats work well in a variety of environments and can be used for temporary or permanent applications. The honeycomb design allows them to drain and dry easily.

For permanent installations, we recommend bolting to a plywood base or creating a level base layer of crushed gravel or sand. Our mats are ideal for ski resorts, golf courses and other seasonal courses. Please allow a few weeks if stitched pads are needed. Each 3′ by 5′ section weighs 33 pounds. Due to weight, Rubber Tee Mats ship by motor freight.

  • $35 per 3′ by 5′ section. $15 per stitching.
  • A stitched 5′ x 9′ pad costs $135 plus shipping.
  • (3 mats for $105 plus 2 stitchings for $30)