The Mako is a large diameter Mid-Range disc that flies and finishes remarkably straight. It has the flight characteristic of a putter, with the glide and speed of a Mid-Range disc.


    Diameter: 21.7 cm

    Rim Width: 1.2 cm

    Available Plastics:
  1. EchoStar: 165-180g
  2. Glow Champion: 160-180g
  3. Best Choice for: Stable straight shots, Smooth hyzer shots, Accurate placement shots

    Date of Approval: 09/18/09


    Mako Flight Path


    A great performing disc that can take and hold the angle of release. Turnover shots stay turned over and hyzer shots stay hyzer. Excellent for staying on narrow fairways and threading through forests. The Mako is available in our premium Star plastic for durability and grip.


    Holly Finley

    The Star Mako is the best midrange disc on the market in my opinion. It flies a straight line right out of the box. The Mako is also good for short anhyzer shots. If you like straight, it's great!

    Alan Beaver

    The Mako is very reliable for left or right upshots. It holds angle through out flight and it's easy to throw with touch. The Mako also has great glide and distance.