Gregg Hosfeld

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Star Destroyer

Sort of a bully Wraith. Faster and a bit more stable.

Champion Boss

Maximum distance

Champion Tern

Fantastic G-L-I-D-E!

Pro Wraith

Fast and under-stable enough that I can still get great glide with a solid degree of consistency.

Champion Roadrunner

Long turnover shots and rollers. I think this may be the best novice driver available.

Star Katana

Solid, over stable flight. Plenty of speed.

Champion Katana

Has a smooth, under-stability. Also plenty of speed.

GStar Colossus

My new into-the-wind, full-on driver.



Champion TeeBird

My go to hyzer skip disc and fairway flicker.

Star TL

Easily one of the best drivers ever made. If I were allowed only one driver, this would be it.



Champion Stingray

Dependable, stand-up slow turns. Excellent for finesse rollers.

DX Roc

Thrown on a long downhill shot with a bit of hyzer, it glides and stays on a better line than a driver.

Star Roc

Ontario Mold - Same great feel, but beefier in flight.

Star Mako

Pure controlled lines

Star Mako3

Like a finely tuned Mako right out of the box.



Star Aviar

150 Class - I don’t care for heavy putters.

DX Polecat

My 'into-the-wind' putter. I also really like the wide edge for turbo putting.

DX Sonic

This disc speaks to my understanding of slow under-stable 'floaty' putters.



Division: Masters/Grandmasters

PDGA#: 1602

Rating: 990

Career Wins: 123*

Career Earnings: $106,568.69*

Number of Aces: 95

Longest Measured Throw: 459' (set in 2010 at age 51)

Hometown: Orlando, FL


1987 World Champion, 2008 & 2010 Grandmasters World Champion, 2009-2012 Grandmasters US Champion, 1995 Masters 150 class World Champion, PDGA Hall of Fame Inductee 1998, World Record Holder for Most Courses (1196) Played, Senior Course Designer, Co-Founder of World Champion Disc Golf Design



Memorable Win:

1987 PDGA Worlds in Toronto. I was almost turned away at the border. My putting peaked at precisely the right time. Anything inside of 40' was as good as 'in'. I had to hit a 45' putt on the final hole to stay tied with Mike Sullivan, who lived by the course. On the the 3rd playoff hole, I hit another 40 footer from a small trench behind a tree to stay tied. On the 4th hole, Mike's birdie putt hit high, center, rolled off, caught a nub and hooked back up, landed in the basket and bounced out! Never seen that before or since. That win opened up sooo many doors for me.


Never teach newbies to play with a high speed disc. Learn to throw the slower, under-stable stuff 1st and do not forsake those discs as your game broadens to the faster, more over-stable drivers. Throw in a field. Learn several throwing and putting styles. Pick out things you like about players better than yourself and incorporate them into your game. Play every course you can, even the lousy ones. You'll appreciate the good ones all the more. When designing a course, PLEASE consult/hire an experienced designer!


Anyone who knows me understands my complete obsession with finding a way to rebuild the Gran Canyon disc golf course to its former glory and beyond. Even 5 years after dismantling the course, it remains on the top 3-5 lists of dozens of top-level players.

Additional Comments:

Only by knowing your (current) limitations can you expand them. "I've been beat up, broke and betrayed. But my TL never let me down." Blind Melon Disc'n. (Thanks Innova for your continued support!)



Bar none, the greatest disc golf driver I've ever owned. Indestructo plastic, a wonderfully versatile neutral flight that satisfies my need for a fairway driver or a sidearm control shot. The CE TL consistently finds the putting circle. Simply put... THE TL NEVER LETS ME DOWN!


I've been getting some wonderful distance out of this disc without sacrificing control.


The Ontario mold is my Roc of choice. I prefer the O-Roc's glide and stability over the San Marino & Rancho. The DX runs have been great lately as well, producing a nice, stout feel at 4 (or so) grams off max.


I was prepared to be under-whelmed and was not. It has a very smooth release and a terrific low speed under-stable glide that will allow me to keep a straight, or even right-turn at approach speeds. I think this will squeeze between the Hammer and the Roc in the upshot line-up. So glad to see some attention going to the finesse side of the game!


I absolutely LOVE this disc! The Star Mako allows me to hit some the most pure, straight lines of any disc I've ever thrown, with glide that approaches a fairway driver. The newer runs (the Champion plastic in particular) are far domier and less stable. Flatter seems to be better!


I've come within a few feet of my all-time personal best in distance throwing the Champion Boss...against the wind.


Possibly my favorite out-of-the-box high-speed driver. It takes a while to turn over and glides really well. Recently, this 52 year old 3'd a 780' hole from 45' behind the pin with 2 Pro Katana drives. I'd say the disc works pretty well.


With a little to no break-in time, the Pro Wraith gives me a wonderful combination of distance and control. I will often forego a faster disc in favor of the combination of speed, glide and accuracy of the Pro Wraith.