Meet the Innova Roc Stars

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What Makes a Roc Star?

The Innova Roc Stars are a diverse group of storytellers who share the joy of disc golf through their social media. They are passionate Innova fans dedicated to growing our sport. From trick shots, to disc reviews, to uplifting moments on the course, our Roc Stars create a wide variety of content with the common theme of love for disc golf. 

Each Roc Star has a unique angle and background. Learn more about them below – Where they came from, how they found the sport, and what they’ve got in the bag. 

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MeSean Anderson


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MeSean An (@xoxo.mesean) • Instagram photos and videos


MeSean is a model, actress, painter, and disc golfer who was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Her range of talents make MeSean a valued addition to the Roc Stars. Whether she is on the runway or on the fairway, her confidence and poise are palpable. As a model, painter, and athlete, MeSean breaks the mold of the stereotypical disc golfer. She shows that one person, with the right motivation and talent, can succeed in multiple, completely unique areas simultaneously. 

My friend invited me to walk in the woods and throw some discs if I wanted to and I was hooked ever since. Now I play in the Miami/Broward Area and my favorite courses are Easterlin Park, Kendall Indian Hammocks Park, Synder Park & Markham Park.”

Follow @xoxo.mesean on Instagram for a mix of disc golf, lifestyle content, and photos and videos from MeSean’s modeling career. 

MeSean’s Favorite Discs:

Roadrunner, Mako3, and Nexus Aviar.

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Seth Delposen


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Delposen Disc Golf (@delposendiscgolf) • Instagram photos and videos

Seth Delposen is making some of the most epic content in disc golf. Insane trick shots, 600+ foot ace runs, and even disc golf with a tortilla? Seth’s combination of creativity and serious disc golf skill makes for unmissable content. From the under-the-legs trampoline ace to kick aces, mini aces, skiing aces, and hockey aces, if Seth can imagine it, he can ace it. 

Seth originally got into disc golf at a summer camp called “Summer’s best two weeks.” In 2020, when he saw Brodie Smith enter the sport, Seth started taking disc golf more seriously. He can be found running aces on the Pittsburg, PA courses.

Follow @delposendiscgolf for mind-blowing trick shots and some of the craziest aces you have ever seen. Seth posts multiple times a week and each video is as unbelievable as the last. 

Seth’s Favorite Discs:

Wraith, Firebird, Roc3

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Summer Walter


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Summer Sun ☀️ Disc Golf (@summersun_discgolf) • Instagram photos and videos

Summer is a freelance artist and traveler with a huge passion for disc golf. Summer embodies the life-style of adventuring, community-building, and enjoying life that makes our sport so special. 

Like so many people, I discovered disc golf through my life-partner. I was playing roller derby at the time and he was spending a lot of time on the disc golf course. I eventually switched sports so we could spend more time together. Now I play more than him.

Follow @summersun_discgolf for positive messaging, big smiles, and a whole bunch of impressive shots from courses around the country. You can also find Summer at for help with club designs, apparel, tournament & course signage, logos, and any other custom designed materials.

Summer’s Favorite Discs:

DX Glow Aviar, Star Animal, Leopard3, Roc3, Valkyrie

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Andrew DeBruin


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Disc Golf Dudez (@discgolfdudez) • Instagram photos and videos

Andrew fell in love with disc golf after receiving an Innova Starter pack with a DX Aviar, Shark, and Leopard for Christmas. He and his friends went out to try disc golf in the local city park and they have been playing together nearly every day since. The Disc Golf Dudez can be found on courses in the Grand Rapids, MI area, making great videos no matter what the conditions. 

Follow @discgolfdudez on Instagram for quality disc golf content almost daily. With over 1,000 posts seen by over 15K followers, the Disc Golf Dudez are doing more than their part to spread the sport. 

Andrew’s Favorite Discs:

Aviar, Toro, Leopard3, Firebird, Wraith, Destroyer

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Jessica Lasasso 


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Jessica LaSasso (@lasasso_jessica) • Instagram photos and videos

What sets Jessica Lasasso’s channel apart is her focus on family time. Jessica is out on the course with her husband and daughters making heart-warming family moments that she shares with her followers. She inspires others to embrace the outdoors and create lasting memories with their loved ones. 

I discovered disc golf in 2014 with my husband through a friend of ours who brought us out for a casual round. We then heard about a local doubles league and decided to try it out. From then on, we were instantly hooked.

Her Insta bio says it all. “Family and frisbees.” Follow @lasasso_jessica for great moments on and off the course with one of the cutest families in disc golf.

Jessica’s Favorite Discs:

Star Roadrunner, Star TeeBird3, Champion Jay, Nexus Invader

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Brett DeLamater


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Brett DeLamater (@brett_discgolf) • Instagram photos and videos

Brett DeLamater is a content creator and disc golf enthusiast from Troy, New York. He discovered disc golf in 2011 transitioning from ultimate. Since then, he has developed into quite an impressive player, with a 974 rating and multiple Open wins. 

Brett’s channel features videos of him throwing Innova discs on New-England-style, wooded courses. He is always trying out new molds and giving feedback. Follow @brett_discgolf to join the fast-growing community of disc golf enthusiasts who have found his channel. 

Brett’s Favorite Discs:

R-Pro Xero, DX Roc, TeeBird, Leopard, Wraith

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Braden Lype 


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Braden Lype (@thinktextures) • Instagram photos and videos

Braden Lype is a music producer and content creator from Chattanooga, Tennessee. He creates mostly mellow, mid-tempo electronic music that he pairs with videos of ace runs and big putts for his social channels.

My local tennis courts had a disc golf course surrounding it. I became fascinated with disc golf when I saw a local pro crushing massive drives off a nearby tee pad. I thought to myself, ‘I want to be able to do that.’

The @thinktextures social accounts feature weekly content, almost exclusively relating to disc golf. Each video uses one of Braden’s original songs.

Braden’s Favorite Discs:

Champion Whale, Champion Roc3, Champion TeeBird3, Star Shryke, Star Destroyer

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Hannah Methven


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Hannah Methven (@ballerinas_chasing_chains) • Instagram photos and videos


Hannah Methven is a disc golfer, ballerina, nature-lover, and mom from Alaska. She discovered disc golf in 2020 when she came across the store Mandos Disc Golf Shop in Auburn, Washington. In just three years, Hannah has become a talented player and has put together a huge following in the sport. She calls herself “a ballerina pretending to know how to play disc golf,” but watch her channel and you’ll see that she’s not pretending. Hannah is funny, relatable, and a great player; her channel captures all three.

Follow @ballerinas_chasing_chains for genuine and funny videos from Hannah multiple times a week. 

Hannah’s Favorite Discs:

Wombat3, Shryke

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