Paul McBeth Launches Innova Junior Team

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Ultimately through the junior team, McBeth would like to see his teammates progress at disc golf and at life in general. “I want it to help push them to do what they want to do,” said McBeth, who will be keeping an eye out to fill future team slots. After attending the European Masters in Sweden this year, McBeth plans to fly directly to Minnesota to support junior team members at the 2014 Amateur World Championships.

Poole said this initiative is not just about developing young disc golfers, it is also about helping them keep disc golf in the right perspective. “We want to work with students and help reinforce the importance of getting their education, while using disc golf as a means of recreation. Disc golf will benefit their social, educational, and personal development,” said Poole, who manages more than 100 sponsored athletes.Poole believes this new program will also help McBeth remain grounded and humble as he adjusts to his soaring popularity. “The opportunity to serve these younger players, and to share many of the lessons he is learning, should be extremely rewarding to Paul – and to them – for years to come,” said Poole.

McBeth already knows what it takes to keep up with studies while training for disc golf. During high school he had to balance the two. “It was a lot of long nights. I used to do homework in class as much as possible then go straight from school and play disc golf until dark,” said McBeth, adding that he would finish remaining school work when he got back home.When Innova first offered Paul sponsorship in 2007, he admits to not fully understanding its significance since he was only a part-time disc golfer at the time. But today he looks back on the sponsorship offer as one of most pivotal moments in his life.

Paul hopes junior team members will find similar opportunities that he did, whether it is with disc golf or any other activity they choose to pursue. Rogers already has big plans this season including strengthening her mental game, attending about 20 tournaments, and trying to break the 407-foot world distance record for girls under 16.

Here’s a list of the new Junior Team members:

Jacob Courtis In The Bag

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