Juliana Korver

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Star Tern

Most long drives, very controllable

Pro Wraith

Slightly overstable (for me) used with head wind drives.

Star Destroyer

Overstable driver for fighting very strong winds or spike hyzers

Blizzard Wraith

Trying out some lighter plastic for easier distance

Star Charger

Big hyzers or skip shots

Star Roadrunner

My work horse, ideal for hyzer-flip straight shots and gentle turn over shots

Halo Tern

long drives into a head wind or long hyzers

Halo Valkyrie

When the roadrunner is a little too understable



Star TL3

Very reliable used when there is a bit of wind or some danger on the right side

Star Leopard3

Through a gap, controllable



Star Mako3

Go to mid can make it go right, left and straight

Star Atlas

Straight shots

Metal Flake Jay

When a shorter hyzer is needed or throwing into a strong wind.

R-Pro Pig

Perfect for the occasional short sidearm



Halo Aero

Long putts (great glide), any approaches and straight glide-y shots downhill

DX Aviar

(20+ years old) touchy turnover approaches as well as straight shots under 200 feet

JK AviarX3

Putting, approaches and short drives under 240 feet

Glow JK AviarX3

Putting, the grip is closer to the original JK Aviar X's than the current Aviar X's. Nice and grippy.

DX Polecat

Love the slow glide of this disc. It is fun to shape this disc around the basket.



Division: Womens Open

PDGA#: 7438

Rating: 938

Career Wins: 234

Career Earnings: $102,646.25

Height: 5'11"

Wingspan: 6'

Dominant Hand: Right

Number of Aces: 16

Longest Measured Throw: 450'

Year Born: 1971

Hometown: San Diego, CA


1995 Women's PDGA Amateur World Champion, 1998, 99, 00, 01, 03 Women's PDGA Professional World Champion, 2001 Gold Medalist at the World Games in Akita, Japan, 2014 U.S. Open/WFDF World Champion (overall event), 2014 Accuracy World Champion, 2014 Self-Caught Flight World Champion, PDGA Hall of Fame member, Iowa Disc Golf Hall of Fame inaugural member, Have over 100 PDGA FPO wins in events that were A-tiers, NT's or Majors


Memorable Win:

It would have to be my first Professional World Championship title. It was my ultimate goal at the time and one that I had been working on for 3 years. I had a lead for the duration of the event, but I did not let myself think about the win. During the final 9 with 2 holes left and a sizable enough win that it was justifiably mine, the emotions started flooding in. When it was time to take my final putt, I was so overwhelmed joy that as soon as the disc hit the chains, my legs collapsed, I fell to the ground and wept. It still brings tears to my eyes to think about that moment.


Take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that disc golf avails you: Travel, meet new people, enjoy beautiful parks and enjoy yourself. If you want to take your game to the top, then set goals, and create a practice regime. When you are practicing, you can be hard on yourself, but when you are competing in an event don’t let the bad shots effect you. Focus on the next shot and only the very next shot that you have to execute. But most of all, enjoy yourself.


I currently don't have specific disc golf goals, but I do still have some Frisbee goals. In 2014 I started working diligently on my Double Disc Court skills and I want to work hard enough to be the top Woman's DDC player. This goal is a little subjective as DDC is a pairs event. I also want to improve my freestyle skills enough that I could be competitive in a Freestyle only event (right now I would be happy with middle of the pack). I would also like to break some self-caught flight world records.


JK Aviar

This is my putter, but I think the real strength of this disc shines when it is thrown as a driver. I use this disc for drives and midrange shots between 240 ft and 150 ft. I will often use it on shorter upshots as well, but feel quite confident with it when throwing it hard. I really like this disc for short sidearm shots as well.


The Panther is an incredibly versatile disc. I'm very fond of this disc and would NOT want to give it up. It can hold a slow fading shot. It also works well with sidearm shots. A great choice for new players!


This is my favorite driver. It is an incredibly versatile disc for me. It works very well with my throwing style. I tend to throw low and the Valkyrie gets great distance with low thrown shots. I typically carry three Valkyries with me during a round. One is beat and used for long turnover shots. The others can be used for hyzers and subtle helix shots.