JK Aviar

    Made from the Aviar driver mold. It is more flexible and grippier than other Aviar models. Like all Aviars, it is perfect for driving, approaching and putting.


    Diameter: 21.2 cm

    Rim Width: 0.9 cm

    Available Plastics:
  1. Pro: 160-175g
  2. Best Choice for: Inside putter, Accurate approaches, Beginners

    Date of Approval: 01/01/87


    JK Aviar Flight Path


    The JK (Juliana Korver) Aviar is made from the driver mold in a special blend of durable Pro-line Plastic that is more flexible and grippier than the other Aviar models. It has the same flight characteristics as the KC Aviar. Its softer plastic is better in colder climates and for those who have dry hands and require a tackier grip.


    James Conrad

    My #1 favorite disc! Always enjoyed putting with soft putters, and they can even handle a lot of power when thrown. I rarely use anything else inside of 300'

    David Wiggins Jr

    The JK Aviar has all of the ever so popular flight characteristics of a Big Bead Aviar, in a softer, more grippy plastic. The JK is my go to putter for putting and shorter range tee shots. It has a great feel in your hands and hangs onto the chains better than firmer putters.