Team Innova Wins Seven Major Titles 

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Team Innova had an unbelievable performance at the 2022 Tim Selinske Masters Disc Golf Championships! Seven of our players took first place in their divisions, earning for themselves and for Team Innova seven Major titles. Not only did our athletes win, they dominated. Through the four-round event, the average margin of victory for Team Innova winners was 16 strokes! Congratulations to Ohn Scoggins (FP40), Juliana Korver (FP50), Barry Schultz (MP50), Eric Rainey (MP60), Pam Reineke (FP60), Dr. Rick Voakes (MP70), and Sylvia Voakes (FP70) for commanding wins in their divisions. 

The 2022 Tim Selinske Masters took place in Quad Cities, Iowa. Formally known as the US Masters Disc Golf Championships, this Major is one of the most prestigious events of the year for players 40 and over.

The tournament was held across five tightly wooded and technical courses, with more of an emphasis on accuracy and scrambling skills than distance. Over 20 competitors represented Team Innova across ten Pro divisions. The team won seven of the ten available Major titles at the event! 



Ohn Scoggins shot -14 for the weekend, winning by a margin of 11 strokes in the FP40 division. Ohn has been having a sensational year. She has been on the FPO podium at the last five Disc Golf Pro Tour events that she competed in. She won the 2022 Match Play Championships in Bailey, Colorado. She has won every event this season that she has entered in the FP40 division, including the Masters World Championship. She currently leads not only the FPO, but all of Team Innova, in combined C1+C2 putting percentage for the season. This 2022 Tim Selinske Masters win marks another huge achievement for Ohn Scoggins during an all-around phenomenal season. 

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FP50 and MP50

Five-time FPO World Champion, Juliana Korver, won the FP50 division of the 2022 Tim Selinske Masters by a full 18 strokes! Juliana’s return to the sport has been one of the most amazing stories of the past two seasons. She ruled the FPO division in the late 90s and early 2000s, before taking an extended break to focus on other disc disciplines. She went on to win four WFDF Overall Disc World titles, three Double Disc Court World titles, and two Freestyle World titles before returning to disc golf last year. Earlier this season, Juliana placed 3rd at the OTB open in the FPO division, proving she can still compete with the best in the sport. With the inconceivable number of wins JK has had in her career, hopefully she can still find room for her 2022 Tim Selinske Masters trophy. 

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Two-time World Champion and three-time USDGC champion, Barry Schultz, shot -39 through four rounds, winning the MP50 division by a 16 stroke margin. Barry Schultz is one of the most consistently great players of all time. The five-time player of the year has remained at the top of the game in his division throughout his career. He has 275 wins at PDGA events to date, 3rd most of any player in history, and he still shows no signs of slowing down. Out of eleven events Barry has entered this season, he has not finished off the podium yet. 


FP60 and MP60

Pam Reineke won the FP60 division of the 2022 Tim Selinske Masters by 12 strokes. Amazingly, this is Pam’s third Major win of the season! She won the 2022 Masters World Championship in the FP60 division and the United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship in the FP60 division. That makes for a clean sweep this season for Pam Reineke at Disc Golf Majors!

Eric Rainey shot a -19 in the MP60 division, beating the field by 9 strokes. Eric always brings his best to the Tim Selinske Masters. He won the event in 2014, 2018, 2021, and now 2022, all on different courses. This was Eric’s 101st career PDGA win! 


FP70 and MP70:

Sylvia Voakes took down the FP70 division by a jaw-dropping 35 strokes! She is no stranger to massive win margins; in 1998 at the Cincinnati Worlds, Sylvia won the Women’s Grandmasters by record-setting 114 strokes! 24 years later, she is still trouncing the field. This is Sylvia’s seventh Major title. 

Syvlia’s husband, Dr. Rick Voakes, shot a -12 through four rounds to win the MP70 division by 11 strokes. He is one of the most dominant Masters players in the history of disc golf. Dr. Voakes is an 11-time World Champion in age protected divisions. He has been on Team Innova for over 20 years and continues to bring us home Major titles!

The US Masters Disc Golf Championships were renamed after Innova Co-founder and PDGA Hall of Famer, Tim Selinske, who passed away in 2009. Tim was one of the most devoted, best-spirited promoters of early disc sports. Many of the biggest names in disc golf history came together last weekend to compete in his honor. Team Innova played their hardest to make Tim proud.