Atlas PDGA Approved

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The Atlas is a unique new Mid-range that combines a firm, low-profile flight plate with an ergonomic, grippy rim. The Atlas has a straight flight with minimal fade combining accuracy, control and throwability. The Atlas performs well for both backhand and forehand throwers forgiving small throwing errors better than any other Mid-Range.

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More About The Atlas

The gummy rim supplies a grippy interface for the player, while the firm flight plate provides consistent performance. The Atlas features four 'compass points' located on the underside of the disc. These ports are where the rim is injected over the flight plate. The Atlas will be available in weights from 165 to 180 grams in a wide variety of rim and flight plate color combinations. The Atlas is scheduled to be released soon as a Fundraiser. The preliminary flight ratings are [5|4|0|1].

The Atlas Gets You There (