Cameron Colglazier: First A-Tier Win

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Cameron Colglazier has quickly been making a name for himself among disc golf’s elite competitors. The 20-year old from Mobile, AL proved this weekend that you should know his name as well. Cameron played in his first A-tier ever at this weekend’s Greater Hartford Open. And he won.

Cameron was in second to start the finals, but outpacing the rest of the group by five strokes, Cameron claimed the victory. The star-studded field included Dave Feldberg (2nd place), Ricky Wysocki (3rd place), and #1 ranked and rated player in the world-Will Schusterick who finished 7th. We caught up with Cameron as the magnitude of the moment was setting in:

Congratulations on the win in Hartford!

Cameron: Thank you. It feels great.

That’s your first A-tier, right?

Cameron: Yes. That was the first A-tier I have ever played.

Dang, son. So what was on? Driving, putting, or both?

Cameron: Both. I was driving pretty well all weekend, especially on the last day. My putting was solid as well. Pretty much everything 40’ and in was dropping.
It looks like you made quite a charge in the finals. What was that like?

Cameron: It was fun. The course was ridiculously long and there was OB all over the place. Fortunately I didn’t go OB once so that helped me put together such a hot round. But the layout was nuts. It was only 7 holes but they totaled more than 8000’.