Joe Rovere: Schooling the Competition

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Practice routine?

J. Rovere: For tournaments, I will typically play the course the morning before the tournament starts to be ready. If the baskets move for the 2nd round, I'll play another round at lunch. I feel the need to be prepared. This is why I can't make the Memorial, most NTiers, USDGC, or Vibram. They all fall during the school year and I just can't take that much time off to prepare. I have a reputation for playing a lot, even on tournament days, but I'll let my success on the course speak for itself.
Other contributing factors to your recent success?

J. Rovere: Practice. Practice. Then more practice. I don't get bored putting or throwing in a field and there is always room for improvement or new shots to work on. I also think being clear headed is a large contributor to my recent success. I don't drink or do drugs, exercise daily, and get plenty of sleep.
25th at Worlds in 2011 and missed last year. Will you be attending this year?

J. Rovere: I definitely plan on being at Crown Point this year. I really want redemption on that Gold course! My rating has gone up around 25 points since I was last there and I've learned many new shots that will come in handy, including a straight TeeBird (you would think I learned that a long time ago).

Joe is a great guy who will always be a student of the game. He's getting better and better every week.

Paul McBeth
2012 World Champion
What are the money discs in your bag? Any of our newer models in the lineup?

J. Rovere: I'm the quintessential Innova player. I carry 4-5 KC Aviars, 1 Gator, 4-5 Rocs, 3 TeeBirds, 2 Firebirds, 3 Destroyers, 2 PD's, 1 PD2, and 2 Blizzard Bosses. I'm 35, it's cool if I throw Blizzard plastic….right? I recently stole my wife's pink Blizzard Wraith and I amazed at how straight they flow for long distances, so I ordered a few more. Once she reads this, I'll have to give it back.
Do you have any other sponsors you would like to acknowledge?

J. Rovere: I'd like to say thanks to Fade for everything they've done for me, and give a shout out to Top Card for the artwork and my wife Mandie for sponsoring me with massage! In addition, thanks to the guys who showed me the ropes along the way, Mike Randolph, Paul Ulibarri, T.J. Lawrence, the list goes on!

Joe Rovere

Division: Open
PDGA#: 30306
Height: 6'0
Weight: 185lbs
Hometown: Telluride, CO, USA

1st Chu3 One Rounder
1st Colorado Open
1st Grateful Disc Spring DGC
1st Jekyll & Hyde Classic
1st Spring Fling – Pro
1st St. Patty’s Meltdown
1st The Crossroads Open