Joe Rovere: Schooling the Competition

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Joe Rovere teaches science during the week and on the weekends he’s schooling everyone on the disc golf course. In 2013, Joe is undefeated with seven 1st place finishes. We caught up with him to find out a bit more about Joe and how he accomplished such a tremendous feat.

Jamie or Joe? Which do you prefer?

J. Rovere: When I was in kindergarten a girl and I both had the name "Jamie". Because a girl had the name "Jamie" in kindergarten, I decided to go by "Joe", it's been that way ever since.
How long have you been playing disc golf? What do you love most about the game?

J. Rovere: I started playing disc golf in 2006, by the end of that season I was ready to play a couple tournaments at the amateur level. Growing up I played football and baseball, then in college I became addicted to freestyle skiing until I blew my knee out, then I rebounded with rock climbing and mountain biking. Since 2006, disc golf has been my Zen. I have been a Science Teacher for 10 years now, and nearly every day after school you can find me probably playing alone, putting or driving, processing my day and focusing on what I love. Disc golf is my escape from the rest of life, it makes me feel content and happy when I play.

photo by Leah Taylor

You are a teacher during the school year, which ends this week… how does your schedule change in the summer?

J. Rovere: I love my career as a teacher, however it's about time for disc season! When summer hits, I'll ride single track to stay in shape, but if I'm not traveling for tournaments I typically practice or play rounds all day until my beautiful wife tells me it's my curfew.
How do you juggle such a busy schedule and yet play at such a high level?

J. Rovere: The only way is to get a couple hours of practice whenever possible. Now that I live in Denver, there are many courses close by and the disc golf community around here is very involved with always something to do.