McBeth InDepth

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Who have you been traveling with this season? Do you feel that has pushed you even more?
PM: Brittany Blair and Ricky Wysocki most of the year and also Ben Farris early in the year. Brittany has taught me a lot without realizing it. Ricky is playing 24/7, so he forces me to play more than normal which isn’t hurting me so far.
Aside from just playing, how often do you actually practice the fundamentals?
PM: I would say pretty much everyday. I try to stop and play as much as possible whether it’s driving, putting or even just tossing some shots to stay loose. Practice only works if you practice right. Lazy practice equals lazy play.
What are the staple discs in your bag? What disc would you hate most to lose?
PM: I can’t say I have a staple disc because I have a pretty stock bag. I don’t carry any CE or special discs, my most valuable discs are 11x Teebirds which are light so they really don’t have a high price value. I also carry a backup to every disc so losing one wouldn’t be a burden to me.
Your putting at the Memorial was incredible. Do you consider putting to be the strongest part of your game?
PM: In my opinion I would say my confidence in my putting is strong but I wouldn’t put the word strongest on any part of my game. I feel I work hard on every part of my game so in my mind my game is strong overall.
What are your goals for the rest of the season? For your career?
PM: Player of the Year, World Title. There are no limits.

If you could only play one more round of disc golf, where would it be and who would you ask to join you?
PM: Huntington Beach Disc Golf Course. My group would be my Dad and two younger brothers, Jonathan and Adam. Start and finish with who started this lifestyle for me.
Which professional disc golfer (of any era) do you most admire?
PM: The Champ. (Ken Climo) I’ve never heard more knowledge come out of one person before.

Any shout outs to your other sponsors?