Ricky Wysocki wins his twelfth by twelve

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Ricky Wysocki wins his first A-Tier by 12 strokes
Ricky “Wysockeye Salmon” slapped the competition at the Fort Steilacoom Open in Tacoma, WA. He’ll have to migrate back next year to defend his 12 stroke win. Barry Schultz finished in 4th, Cary Trotter, Joe Rovere and Tim Skellenger tied for 8th. This is Ricky’s first A-Tier Win… A year ago he was celebrating his Junior World Championship win in Ohio. Ricky has had 12 wins so far in his rookie season, he’ll be hard to beat for Rookie of the Year.

Also doing well at Steilacoom were Jay Reading and Des Reading. Jay won in Masters, and Des took the Womens title.

Team Innova in Stockholm

Across the world, in Sweden, the world’s top players were battling at the Stockholm Open. Innova took the second through sixth place spots. Paul Ulibarri and Markus “local boy” Källström tied for second, followed by Will Schusterick (4th), Paul McBeth (5th), and Dave Feldberg (6th). Why are all these guys over there? They’re getting ready for the European Open, which starts later in July.

More Winning Ways

David Wiggins Jr. kept his first round lead all weekend to win the Zebulon Cha-Ching and Zing. He bested Brian Schweberger by 8 strokes. Brian is hard to beat at Zebulon, having won the last four Cha-Ching and Zings.

In Michigan, Ziggy Bierekoven bested a field of 30 players by 5 strokes to win at the Mt. Pleasant JBird Open.

Mitch McClellan proved that he can hang with the kids, taking second in Open in Norman, OK. He was just a single stroke from the leader going into the finals, and finished 20 strokes ahead of third place.

And finally… There’s nothing more fun than playing disc golf on a ball golf course while cruising around on golf carts. Except maybe getting a sudden death playoff win against a seasoned player. Bobby Musick did them both this weekend at the Challenge at Goat Hill. Bobby tied with Steve Rico and won on the first hole of the playoff. Steve Wisecup won by two against a sizeable masters field.