The Southpaw Line – By Innova

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We would like to announce our newest line of discs: Southpaw by Innova.
After years of fielding requests for left-handed specific golf discs, Innova has finally made the dreams of approximately 10% of the market into a reality. The Southpaw line was designed specifically for the left-handed or opposite minded player. With the advent of Southpaw discs, all lefties are winners.


New Manufacturing Location
To take advantage of the Coriolis Effect, it was necessary to produce the Southpaw line in the Southern Hemisphere. We found the perfect spot for our new manufacturing facility in Pago Pago, American Samoa. While our new facility and location add to the cost of these discs, Lefties know “they ARE worth it”.
The Southpaw Line-up
The first discs released include a putter, mid-range & driver. southpaw_group
Backspin – [Putt & Approach]

The first putter for lefties. Don’t settle for using a “normal” disc, the Backspin is weighted and shaped to take advantage of our new lefty-centric molding process that automatically supplies the right correct spin to nail those pesky putts.

Rewind [Mid-Range]

The Rewind will make them start whining: “They’re all lefty holes!” With our new “Levorotary Technology”, the Rewind can hit lines righties only dream of. Give them a taste of their own medicine and unwind with the Rewind.

Flipside [Distance Driver]

Don’t settle for regular drivers. The Flipside is designed for lefties of all skill levels and will mimic the righty’s “lefty line” perfectly. With a liberal glide, the Flipside Driver is the ‘real-deal’ for the pure and true left handed thrower.

I’ve been winning tournaments with righty discs all my life. These Southpaw discs will make it that much easier!

St. Patricks Day Open Champion – Derek Billings after testing the Southpaw line.

The Southpaw line is expected to be PDGA approved within the week. Watch for the release of the entire line of Southpaw discs soon including Bizzard Champion Southpaws.


As many of you have guessed, the McBuyout was our April Fools prank this year. We hope everyone had a good laugh with us.

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