McBuyout, Innova becomes McBeth Disc Golf

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We are pleased to announce that Innova Discs has a new partner and a new name. All the legal documents have been signed and it is now official: Four Time World Champion, Paul McBeth is the majority shareholder of Innova Discs. With Paul now in charge, Innova Discs will become McBeth Disc Golf. It was a friendly transaction and all parties are excited for the changes ahead.

It seems unreal that Paul was able to do this at such a young age. Paul is a great competitor and he was able to leverage his natural disc golf talents into a financial windfall. In late 2012, after several team members left and became part owners of a new disc golf brand, Paul struck a deal with Innova. Paul would receive 1% ownership in INNOVA for each win in a PDGA Major event. This was after he had won just ONE Major. Innova figured this was a good deal. It is now less than four years later, and Paul has already won TEN MORE majors, eleven in all. Paul has been banking his bonuses and royalties on the popular McPro discs and signature discs (Nova, Roc3, Krait, Thunderbird, and Destroyer). With thoughtful investing and his recent sponsorship with Adidas, Paul was able to build an impressive net worth.

McBeth Disc Golf

With all the success, I bought a house…and a Dodge Challenger, paid off my travel trailer, and truck. And then I was left pondering the best way to invest it… and it was staring right at me. Already owning 10% of Innova, I was able to convince several partners to sell me a “few shares” of their ownership, so now I am the majority owner. I really can’t believe it!
Paul McBeth

However, seeing is believing. Just look at the growth of the sport since 2012. From 2008 to 2012, the PDGA tour was virtually flatlining. Since Paul won his first Major in 2012, tournament growth has spiked. The entire sport is growing because of this guy. His name is everywhere, his influence is contagious.

*Source: PDGA

I believe Paul’s vision will take McBeth Disc Golf in a new and exciting direction, and I am looking forward to representing the company. Hard to believe I’ll be traveling with my own boss all season!
Nate Sexton

This was a good move for us. With all the bonuses we owed Paul and the prospect of Paul earning even more, we were genuinely concerned about our financial liability. Paul becoming an owner will enable us to keep the company healthy. Plus, with the infusion of cash, It will enable me to design an entire new line up of discs for Paul.
-Dave Dunipace

Harold Duvall was cautious about the changeover, asking “How can we capture the excitement of the McBuyout and transfer that to our customers?”

Sales associate, Henry Childres had the answer. With the new ownership, all Innova stamped discs would be ‘Limited Edition’… “PreMcBeth discs just became a thing. We better start stamping McBeth McBeth Destroyers because the Innova McBeth Destroyers will be vanishing quick! In fact, I’m buying 50 myself!”

McBeth Destroyers

After signing documents, the new owner of McBeth Disc Golf hopped in his Silverado with the McMansion on the back, and headed East. He’ll be running several McBeast Challenges in North Carolina next weekend and then he is headed to the National Collegiate Championships. His office is the course. He’ll be out spreading the word about McBeth Disc Golf around the country in the coming weeks and months. It’s good to be the king.


As many of you have guessed, the McBuyout was our April Fools prank this year. We hope everyone had a good laugh with us.

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