INNSIDER Episode 6: Calvin Heimburg

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The INNSIDER is a semi-monthly roundup of new releases, athlete news, and what’s hot on social media (subscribe here). This episode we cover Calvin Heimburg’s Bag Check, Love at First Flight with Jonathan Baldwin, Garrett Gurthie’s Masters Cup Victory, tour series, a giveaway, and more! 

Calvin Heimburg Bag Check

Curious to know what the 2019 LVC Champion bags? Look no further.  Follow Calvin on Instagram .

Love at First Flight: Jonathan Baldwin

Jon Baldwin picked up his first disc and later won a World Championship on the Deleaveaga Golf Course. Meet this veteran Santa Cruz player and Team Innova athlete in this INNSIDER exclusive profile.

Garrett Gurthie, aka Double G, takes down his first Nation Tour win over 16 years playing! See what he had to say about his big moment. Follow Garrett on Instagram .

Tour Series Releases

James Conrad’s Pro Glow Aviar and Calvin Heimburg’s Swirled Star Destroyer are now available at the Innova Factory Store

10th Anniversary Destroyer Giveaway

We’re giving away two Star Destroyers with 10th year anniversary stamps. To enter, respond in the comments of the INNSIDER Episode 6, share an Innova disc that many players overlook and why they should check it out. The winners will be announced in INNSIDER 7.

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