Allen and Korver Conquer the High Desert

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Prior to the event, Allen trained at home in Oklahoma through work-outs and throwing 100 shots per day in a state that’s known for its formidable winds, and she figured she was prepared. But when Allen, who competes on the pro tour, faced the High Desert for the first time it was like nothing she’d ever seen. “You can’t describe it until you throw it there. It’s completely different there,” said Allen, adding that it’s not easy to make the most of the wind.

The winds were very heavy the last day of competition, but Allen and Korver weren’t too interested in battling them in order to catch the right current. Korver said she threw one set of throws but was unsuccessful negotiating the wind which was clocked around 40 mph.

Juliana Freestyle

Korver, who plays disc golf about 1 to 2 times a month nowadays, said she hadn’t trained much at all for the competition because Freestyle has taken up most of her spare time this year. However, she was still able to capture the record, no doubt a sign of Korver’s disc greatness.

Though she admits her record has some ambiguity tied to it since it’s an age protected record, it’s still an accomplishment that she can check off on her disc discipline bucket list, she said.

At the end of the event, Allen was full of inspiration. Her only set back was not throwing 600-feet, which she hopes to do next year. As for playing on tour this year, she believes if she puts as much emphasis on her disc golf game as her distance training, she’ll be in great shape.