1050: A New Standard of Excellence

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In 2012, skateboarders everywhere were in awe when Tom Schaar threw down the first 1080 in competition. A full three revolutions in the air. Much like Tony Hawk’s 900 at the 1999 X Games, it was a defining moment for the sport. Disc golf hasn’t yet crested 1080, but an untouched number just fell. A player rating of 1050, and Paul McBeth alone lays claim to this feat that has seemed to be within reach for the past 10 years or so. We caught up with Paul to talk about this head-spinning accomplishment.

Congratulations on hitting the 1050 mark. Where do you rank this achievement among others in your career?
Paul: I’d say it’s at the top of the list. Getting to 1050 is something that no one else has ever done before so it’s definitely a great feeling.
So you place this above the highest rated round record, and your wins at Majors?
Paul: I do, yes. Anybody can deliver a great performance once. The ratings achievement represents something I have been able to do over a long period of time.
PDGA Player Ratings have drawn their fair share of criticism over the years. What are your thoughts on the accuracy of the system?
Paul: I believe the system is pretty accurate. I do think it tends to favor the touring player who is playing a greater number of tournament rounds. It could be that complaints are coming from those with less of a ratings history, which can make a difference.
For many years a player rating of 1000 was a benchmark for Open players. Do you think top players should have a higher number in mind as the new standard of excellence?
Paul: I believe a 1000 rating is still the number to shoot for. There are just far more players reaching that level these days. More players than ever before can win on any given weekend.