Player Spotlight – Drew Gibson

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How did you get so good at such a young age?
Drew: I learned a lot from watching the great players in our area. I also played baseball for 13 years so I already had an athletic background. The transition from competitive baseball to tournament disc golf was relatively easy for me.
On your Facebook profile it says you are model at Nike and that you speak Mongolian. Are you the most interesting 17-year old in the world?
Drew: (Laughs) That’s just a joke between me and my friends. Facebook asks all these dumb questions so we were just messing around.
If we hack into your iTunes library what are we going to find?
Drew: I listen to a little bit of everything, except maybe country. I listen to a lot of rap, old school stuff…

Photo by Marble Jones
Do you listen to music when you play golf?
Drew: Sometimes I do. It depends on the group. I will listen to music during backups on the course just to stay relaxed and focused.
How did you handle the weather delay during the final round?
Drew: Pretty good I think. I felt like it worked to my advantage. I went to the local pizza place and just chilled out. It gave me a chance to calm down and think things through.
Were you intimidated at all having McBeth in Saturday’s lead group?
Drew: No. I have played with Paul before. We are pretty good friends so I was comfortable. I was just trying to keep pace with him, which didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped.
JohnE McCray is one of the most awesome disc golf dudes in the history of disc golf dudes. What did you think of his game?
Drew: I had never played with JohnE before. He is really good. Definitely a great putter. More importantly though to me is that he is a really nice guy. He was very encouraging. JohnE is one of my new favorite people to hang out with on and off the course.
Were you thinking at all about how loudly the crowd was cheering for him?
Drew: The crowd was rooting for Paul and JohnE more than they were for Jared and me. But it wasn’t like the Heat and the Knicks out there. It’s not like fans were rooting against us so it wasn’t a big deal.