Player Spotlight – Drew Gibson

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What are some of your go-to discs at the moment?
Drew: I threw a Champion Eagle more than anything else this weekend. I also had a Destroyer, TeeBird, Firebird, Roc, and a Glow KC Pro Aviar. Six models total…
Are you throwing any of the new GStar plastic?
Drew: I haven’t thrown them yet but I had a box waiting on me when I got home. I am looking forward to testing them out.

Photo by Marble Jones
Why do you choose certain plastic types over others?
Drew: When it comes to distance drivers I prefer Star. It’s a feel thing. Otherwise it’s kind of a mixed bag as the different product lines go. I throw KC Pro Rocs and Aviars. I also have a Champion Roc3 in the bag.
What is your number one piece of advice for new players?
Drew: Putt. A lot of people go buy distance drivers so they can rip it. That’s fun and cool, but to get better you have to learn to putt. Practice at least 30 minutes a day. Practice before your rounds. Find your putting stroke. Don’t be more concerned with throwing your first 500 foot shot than making your 25 footers.
I can hear people now going “FIRST 500 foot shot, what the heck?!” That’s something a bomber would say. Is driving distance one of the strengths of your game?
Drew: I can’t throw as far as guys like Wiggins, but I like to think I am just as accurate. I want to know exactly where all of my shots are going 100 percent of the time. Shot selection, and disc selection, is what I focus on.
Was there a hole at either Fountain Hills or Vista where you felt like you did something a little different because it made more sense for your game?
Drew: A good example was probably Hole 9 at Vista. It’s a big downhill shot that plays about 450 or so over some trees. A lot of guys were just bombing their Destroyers, or whatever. I backed down to a TeeBird for better control and birdied it every time.
What are your goals for the rest of the season?
Drew: We all want to win Worlds, the USDGC, NT events, and all the big ones, but I really want to be known as someone that has a great attitude. I want to stay positive on the course and always fight to the end.
Thanks for your time, Drew. Best of luck this season!