Best Tips from Team Innova

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Improve Your Disc Golf

Check out Innova’s best tips to improve at disc golf in the articles below. Often all it takes to make a big breakthrough in your game is one small piece of advice that happens to resonate with you. 


Disc Selection

Building the right bag can be complicated. These tips will help you find the set of discs that best suits your skill level, the courses you’re playing, and the conditions you’re playing in. 

In The Bag – Suggested Disc Lineups for All Skill Levels

In the Bag: Suggested Disc Lineups for All Conditions

Disc Cycling – Play Like the Pros




A small change in form can make a big difference in distance and accuracy. These tips get into the most important elements of disc golf technique and warn of throwing errors that many players have in common.

Common Throwing Errors Holding Back Your Game

How to Throw Backhands… Really Far

How to Throw Forehands Accurately, Far, and with Good Technique



Approach Shots

Consistent, precise approach shots are the underappreciated necessity to scoring well on the course. Practice upshots from 100-250 feet as often as you practice driving and putting. 

Master Your Approach Game




A solid putt can make up for shortcomings in distance or a sloppy upshot. It is also the easiest part of your game to work on. Get a practice basket and a few of your favorite putters. You can practice anywhere you have 30 feet of open space. Fun fact: Ohn Scoggins, the best putter in the FPO, does most of her practice putting in her living room!

6 Quick Putting Tips



Mental Game

Philo says disc golf “is way more mental than it is physical.” These tips will help you make smart decisions and stay collected during your next round. 

Improve Your Mental Game




Not all practice is equal. Be deliberate and intentional with each repetition. Know when to push yourself and when to rest. 

How Field Work Can Make You a Better Disc Golfer