Pathfinder Guides: Suggested Disc Lineups for All Skill Levels

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With nearly 100 PDGA-approved molds in production, coming in over a dozen different plastic types, the Innova catalog can be daunting. We’ve put together some recommended bag lineups to help you get started. These lineups are just suggestions – we encourage you to alter them and combine them as you see fit to make the perfect bag for yourself. Each of our discs comes in a range of weights as well; for younger players, newer players, or those with less power, try out some lighter models. If you know you’ll be playing often in heavy winds, then stick to max weight. We always encourage you to experiment with different molds in various weights until you find the best bag lineup for your style and abilities. 


Upgrade Your Starter Pack:

Did you discover disc golf this past year, but feel you’re finally ready to take the next step up from your Starter Pack? This bag will have the best options for you. 

The XT Nova offers a super straight flight, even at low speeds, so you can aim at the center of the DISCatcher and know that your disc won’t fade to the left before it reaches the target. The soft rim helps the XT Nova grab the chains on putts and prevents skips on approaches. 

The DX Mako3 is one of our newest midranges. It is slightly faster than your Starter Pack’s Shark and has less fade at the end of the flight.

The GStar Leopard3 is one the most versatile Fairway Drivers on the market. It has a slight, controllable turn, even when new. GStar plastic offers an unmatched balance of grip and durability that is great for beginners and pros alike. 

The GStar Mamba is perfect for players who want big distance without needing fast arm speed. 

The Classic Bag:

This bag of Innova classics made for an exceptional lineup over a decade ago and still does today!

The DX Aviar is the most popular putter of all time and has been used to win more World Championship titles than all other putters combined. ‘Nough said. 

The KC Pro Roc is our most popular midrange mold, in a stiff and durable plastic designed for 12x World Champ, Ken Climo. It is stable at high speeds and slightly overstable at lower speeds.

 The Star TeeBird has been the gold standard in Fairway Drivers for the past two decades. Out of the box, the Teebird has reliable stability with a straight flight and slight fade. Once worn in, the Teebird is best for gentle hyzer flips through the woods and controllable distance. 

The Star Firebird is an overstable Fairway Driver great for forehands, shots requiring major fade at the end of the flight, and force over S-lines. 

The Star Wraith is the best choice for on-course, max distance for most intermediate to advanced players. 


The Forehand Specialist: 

For players whose go-to shot is the forehand, this lineup has got you covered. 

The DX RhynoX is designed for short-range throws with heavy fade, making it one of our best options for forehand approaches.

The Champion Toro has been charging its way into bags everywhere since its release earlier this year. Extremely overstable with virtually no glide, the Toro is excellent for headwind shots, forehand approaches, and short-range, force over S-curves. 

The Champion Eagle is the original, professional level Fairway Driver. On forehand lines for right-handed players, expect some slight high-speed turn to the left and a consistent finish to the right. 

The Star Firebird is a staple in the Forehand Specialist’s bag. This will be your workhorse off the tee and on longer approach shots. 

The Star XCaliber is a Signature Series disc of Nate Sexton, one of the greatest forehand throwers of all time. It is quite overstable and best for distance shots into a headwind. 

Nate Sexton Star XCaliber

The Finesser:

Pride yourself on a smooth release and consistent touch out on the course? We’ve got just the bag for you. 

The R-Pro Xero is as straight flying as a putter can get. Aim for the heart of the chains and watch yourself sink C2 putt after C2 putt. 

The Star Wombat3 has a straight flight with maximum glide. 

The Star IT is our most recent Fairway Driver to be released. When you would expect another Fairway Driver to fade and drop, IT holds the line of release and carries.

The Star Beast is an Innova model that has withstood the test of time. Like a faster Valkyrie, the Beast can be used to lace wooded gaps or unleash in the field. 

The Pro Tern will be the Finesser’s true max distance disc. Get the release angle right and your Tern will do the rest of the work for you. 

Star IT  

The Power Guy:

So you think you can crush it, huh? Well then give these discs a try. 

The Luster Invader is perhaps our best throwing putter for players with fast arms, available in one of our most beautiful and durable plastics. 

The Champion Toro will cut through the air until it loses speed and then it drops to the ground quickly. It is our most overstable, least-gliding Midrange. 

The Halo Lion will round out those shots that the Toro can’t quite reach. It is still overstable, but faster and with more glide. For big arms, the Lion will be your go-to disc off the tee on most shorter courses.

The Champion TeeBird3 is a faster version of our most popular Fairway Driver. It is one of the most versatile and shapeable discs in its class.

The Halo Destroyer is only for the big guns. This fast and overstable model will hold up to extreme arm speeds and any wind conditions.