In the Bag: Suggested Disc Lineups for All Conditions

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Whatever the Course Throws at You, Know What to Throw Back 

Wind, rain, sleet, or snow, nothing will stop you from getting in your Saturday morning round. By changing the discs in your bag depending on the weather or your elevation, you can counteract the impacts different conditions will have on your throws. Whether tomorrow is bright and sunny or wet and freezing, these suggested disc lineups will have you prepared.


Bright and Sunny

Clear skies with a high of 75°. New course record here we come. 


DX Aviar: The most popular putter of all time, used to win more World Championship titles than all other putters combined. Good weather or bad weather, the Aviar is always the right choice.

Star AviarX3: An easy-to-control, overstable approach disc, great for both forehand and backhand upshots. 

Champion Jay: A micro-beaded Mid-Range that can handle power or be finessed. It has better torque-resistance than most Mid-Ranges, but still finishes straight. 

Halo Leopard3: A versatile Fairway Driver that can be shaped to nearly any hole by changing the angle and speed of release.

Star Charger: This disc fills a gap between the Destroyer and the Shryke. When thrown hard and flat, the Charger has a gentle turn and predictable fade. 


What Wind?

Weather report says 50 mph winds. The guy who runs doubles says just a little gusty. Looks like we’re playing! 

DX Invader: This low profile putter cuts through the wind and finds the ground quickly on missed putts. 

Champion Toro: The minimal glide of the Toro is ideal for distance control in the wind. 

Champion Lion: In a tailwind, the Lion can be pushed straight and far with a slight fade. In a headwind, it can be used for straight or right-drifting shots that won’t turn into rollers. 

Star Firebird: An overstable Fairway Driver that slices through the wind. Great for forehands, shots requiring major fade at the end of the flight, and force over S-lines.

Halo Destroyer: This fast and overstable High Speed Driver will hold up to extreme arm speeds and any wind conditions.  


The Rainy Day 

Tournament weekend is here and the rest of the field is bummed out about the dull weather. You, on the other hand, like your chances in the rain. You’ve got three dry towels, extra socks, and a bag of discs that will give you an edge over the competition. 

XT Nova: The soft, grippy rim of the XT Nova will help you pop your discs towards the target even when wet.

R-Pro Pig: Our grippiest plastic on the market, R-Pro is perfect for rainy day rounds. The Pig will help you stick your approaches close, even in skippy, wet grass. 

DX Roc: With a straight flight and consistent fade, lean on this Innova classic when the weather takes a turn for the worst. For some players, DX plastic is their go-to choice in the rain.  

GStar TeeBird3: A faster, less-glidey version of our most popular Fairway Driver, the Teebird3 will help you land by the pin from the tee so you don’t have to worry about slippery footing on the approach. 

Pro Wraith: The Wraith is an on-course, max-distance disc for players with moderate to fast arm speed. Pro discs are an affordable way to get a grippy set of plastic specifically for rainy days. 

The Winter Warrior 

Some see icy tee pads and snowy fairways where discs disappear. You see an opportunity to practice your standstills and no back ups on the course. 

R-Pro Xero: This putter goes straight and stays on line even from outside Circle 2. The Xero will allow you to run putts from deep without jumping, which can be dangerous in the snow.

GStar Mako3: When playing in the cold, more flexible, grippier plastics will give you cleaner releases. The GStar Mako3 will still have good flexibility even when the temperature drops below freezing. 

GStar IT: If it’s snowy, you might not be able to take much of a run-up. The glide of the IT will allow you to get distance from a standstill. 

Halo Valkyrie: Getting power and snap with a cold hand can be a challenge. The Halo Valkyrie has the turn to compensate for throws that come out a little less forceful than usual. 

GStar Tern: The glide of the Tern will keep the disc pushing forward even if you early release due to cold or wet hands. 


The Mountain Goat 

Discs change flight characteristics significantly as you gain elevation. The higher you go, the more overstable your discs will seem. On a high mountain course, your Sidewinder might fly like your Thunderbird does at sea level. 

DX Xero: At higher elevations, the Xero will go straight with just a slightly more fade than it has at sea level. Putt with a little extra umph as discs tend to drop more quickly at altitude. 

Star Wombat3: The major glide of the Wombat3 helps to combat the tendency of discs to drop mentioned above. 

GStar Hawkeye: The Hawkeye will be overstable at higher elevations. Use it for flex shots, headwind shots, and hyzers. 

Star Sidewinder: While at sea level this may be your roller disc, in the mountains, it will be your workhorse driver. It should have a gentle turn and significant fade depending on your elevation. 

Star Shryke: It crushes at sea level, it crushes at altitude. Change the angle of release as you go up in elevation. Hyzer flips in LA become flat releases in Denver and anhyzers in Aspen.