Jared Roan es Numero Uno

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Can you describe the different feelings you have when competing in a team format versus individual play?
J. Roan: When you are playing a team sport one of the best things you can do is stay positive and be encouraging to your teammates. After that all you can control is your own play. If at the end of the day you felt that you played your best you can be happy, win or lose.
With this being your first true year as a pro, what are your goals for the season?
J. Roan: I have a lot of small goals, but the main goal is just to continue to improve. I want to finish top 10 at a National Tour event, top 20 at Worlds, play at least 30 events, and get my rating up to 1030.
What will it take for you to consider 2013 a “successful season”?
J. Roan: As long as I can look back and say I played to the best of my ability and showed steady improvement throughout the year I will be happy.
You played at the Memorial Championship this year. What was your best round?
J. Roan: My best was a 48 in the final round.

McBeth’s only missed putt during the 1139 rated round
Describe McBeth’s 39 in one word.
J. Roan: Brilliant
The long hair is pretty rad. Is that the secret to your power?
J. Roan: I keep telling myself I am going to cut it but then I’ll have a good tournament and starting getting superstitious. So to answer your question, yes!
Tell us something about Jared Roan that most people wouldn’t know, but should.
J. Roan: Jared is my middle name.
So your first name is William but you prefer Jared. Got it. So no Bill, Will, Billy or Willy?
J. Roan: My Dad’s name is Bill so my parents thought it would get confusing.
Dr. J?
J. Roan: Now there’s an idea. I think I need to get better before I am worthy of that one though.
If you could only see one more concert in your lifetime, who would it be and where?
J. Roan: Led Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden. It would be amazing to see Jimmy Page’s Dazed and Confused solo live!
Good call. Any shout outs to other sponsors?
J. Roan: Fade Gear, Genetic Disc Golf, and Rocky Mountain Oxygen Repair.
Thanks, Jared. We wish you the best of luck this season.