New Disc: The QuiveR with QuadRim Technology!

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QuiveR: The future of Multi-Purpose!

The QuiveR is our newest INNOVAtion. We’ve taken the best parts of our four best sellers and fused them into one mold! What we pulled from the molding machine just may be the future of disc golf. A disc with four distinct rim shapes so you’ll have a “quiver” of discs at your disposal… all in one disc.

How does it work?
Our new QuadRim technology allows one disc to perform the task of an entire bag. On the tee, Hold the QuiveR by the Distance Driver rim, pick your line and rip it! We chose the Wraith as the mold of choice here, giving players range and glide with minimal fade. Need a stable shot? Grab the TeeBird rim. With the stability to handle the wind or your sidearm, it is the perfect choice. When you are looking for true flying tunnel shots, grab the Roc rim. With the Aviar rim, just aim and fire just like any other putter. It will fly straight into the chains. As a bonus, the QuadRim can actually reduce your carbon footprint and increase your rounds per day. With less waste and less to carry, you’ll be saving the planet and your back!

This will make learning disc golf so much more fun. One disc to rule them all!
said Sam Ferrans, PDGA World Champion and Hall of Fame Member

The QuadRim line:
While this disc will be quite amazing, we don’t want to stop there! We are developing a complete QuadRim line of discs. The QuackeR will combine the Hydra, Dolphin, Dragon and Wahoo for the ultimate floating golf disc. Also in the works is a beginner version – combining the Polecat, Stingray, Leopard, and Roadrunner. This disc will be available in 150 class.

Choose your plastics!
QuadRim technology not only gives you four discs in one, but up to four plastics in one disc. Testing has shown that we can HyperFuse our plastics to create discs with different plastics used for each of the different quadrants: ¼ DX, ¼ R-Pro, ¼ Champion, ¼ Star plastic. For use in all conditions!

This is the best four-in-one disc I have ever thrown.
Steve Wisecup, PDGA World Champion and Disc Golf Hall of Fame Member

You may be thinking:
Is it PDGA Approved? Well, honestly, the answer is: Almost. When we submitted our batch of QuiveRs, the PDGA Technical team were a little stumped. Their equipment and measuring devices were designed for a single rim design. So they are in the process of creating a new set of testing procedures for our new technology. We are positive it will pass, as the QuiveR was developed from PDGA approved discs.

When will the QuiveR be available?
Pending PDGA approval the QuiveR will be available June 31.

April Fools!

We’re happy everyone had a good laugh with us this year.