Pre-Worlds Interview: Will Schusterick

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Nikko has been home for a few weeks nursing a sore back. Feldberg says the injury came from a wrestling match (of which Dave claims to have won) rather than from non stop disc golfing. Any truth to the rumor?
Will: All I know is that if I was in there, they both would have been hurt! Just kidding of course.

True or False: Did you eat nothing but sweet potatoes at the USDGC welcome banquet prior to winning in 2010?
Will: Sounds like something I would do!

Which three players would you most like to have in your group for a final round at a Major?
Will: Dave, Cale, and Nikko. We are all familiar with each other, plus we are all very competitive.

Photo by Discmania
Who is the most competitive disc golfer you’ve ever played with?
Will: It seems like these days everybody is out there to win just to survive! But Ken Climo will always be in my mind the most competitive.
Who is the funniest?
Will: Thats a tough one, because I laugh at everybody whether they are trying to be funny or not.
We knew that you threw the Viper some, but in Portland it became clear that you use this old school classic a lot, actually. Tell us about your most awesome Viper shot ever…
Will: I chained out for ace on tournament hole 18 at Sunset Park in Las Vegas with a DX Viper during a practice round. Around 400ft uphill with OB right before the basket.
If you could get a sponsorship from any company in the world, who would it be?
Will: Nike, for sure! Everything I wear is usually Nike anyways.

Why Nike?
Will: They sponsor the best athletes on the planet in their respective sports. I hope one day that would be me.
Who are your other sponsors?
Will: Discmania, ADA Fitness, Voodoo Disc Golf bags, UB Disc Golf Apparel, and The Journey Post
Which disc golfers would you cast for the Avengers?
Will: Iron Man: Dave Feldberg
Hulk: Derek Billings
Thor: Gregg Barsby
Captain America: Cale Leiviska
Thanks, Will. Best of luck in Charlotte next week.